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    If you have questions or want support, the asktransgender subreddit is pretty damned useful for early transitioners. Good luck- it's one hell of a ride.
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    Every store brand diaper better than Depends?

    This is a pretty common argument with the Depend "top" product. I've realized why they work so well for me- something about the cut of the small/medium (the ones I wear) is just better suited to my body than any of the medium sizes the premium diaper brands offer. Though it has much less...
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    Looking for a New Diaper

    I'll second the suggestion of Absorbency Plus. However, also know that in my experience anything sold or fulfilled by amazon (anything eligible for Prime shipping, in short) is also discreet shipping, so if you have prime you could have your L4s in two days.
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    Good average priced diapers

    Snivy, good post but a quick correction: Absorbency plus does not have leak guards, and does in fact have a wetness indicator strip.
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    Bad Abena news.

    Bringmesunshine, please read the thread before posting in it... The general consensus has been that the M4s aren't going anywhere at all. Or, to put it more concisely: Calm Yourself.
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    Bad Abena news.

    In my experience, Gary (and by extension, XP Medical) really has it together. If the M4s and L4s were on their way out, XP's site would have an update regarding it. As the site is empty of any such thing, I would assume that the production of both of these plastic-backed diapers will continue...
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    Good diapers for women

    As another possible alternative, you could always buy some diaper boosters online. That way you could get lower-absorbency diapers and choose yourself where to add the extra padding, as you'd be the one placing the booster.
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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    Life lived true has few regrets.
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    An interesting experience

    It's highly unlikely that she noticed you were wearing a diaper. Most people, even if they see what we would label as "nearly irrefutable evidence" of a diaper, such as a huge bulge or a bit of white trim sticking up, will assume other things before they assume "oh my god, they're wearing a...
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    What should be my first diaper?

    If you're willing to buy in (excuse the pun) bulk, I believe that the Absorbency Plus Level 4's are still on sale for a little over $1 a diaper, which is about the same price you'll see most places for the Tranquility ATN for a LOT more absorbency and thickness. XP Medical sells those.
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    Wearing in front of people!

    If it were socially acceptable to do so (or at least as socially acceptable as wandering around in underwear), I would walk around my house in them (late at night, for example, when walking to the kitchen). As none of my housemates know and I intend to keep it that way, I only wear visibly...
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    Gender poll

    Seems like you're looking more for "sex" (physical body) as opposed to "gender" (identity), with the options available here. Assuming that, voted "Boy."
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    What to buy

    Try XP Medical's Absorbency Plus Level 4. They just made some product changes so you can buy a case of the old version for just over $1 per diaper, which is a fantastic deal since these diapers are only outclassed in absorbency by the new Dry 24/7. They are, with the current sale, much cheaper...
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    So, this solution might not work for everyone, but here's my solution (not an engineer per se, but I've done enough engineering competitions to know what I'm doing): Only one type of housing at my college has true "singles," and only about 40 students out of 2000 can make use of this type of...
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    The Joy Of Wearing Diapers

    I would assume, from the diapers you're wearing, that you're not putting them on properly. That's not a criticism on you- check out the forum's posts about properly putting them on, I was at first quite surprised at how counter-intuitive some of the best tape positions are.
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    Hello there~ (Part Two)

    Welcome to ADISC, M. If you're not looking for any sort of relationship or sexual contact in the AB/DL community, you've come to the right place. We're a support community that makes a point of discouraging that sort of thing (on the forum, of course, not in general).
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    Is This What The "Dream" Feels Like

    Kittermunk, I've been staying out of your circular threads for the past few days, but I feel that I have to make a point here. We'll get to your dismissal of your therapist in just a moment, because I have entirely different issues with you there. The people here are, primarily, concerned with...
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    Sale on Absorbency Plus

    Thanks for the heads-up, Oleman! I've been thinking about trying these because of their high absorbency, and I can't pass them up at ~$1 per diaper in a case.
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    Curious -- Common Interests

    A girl I dated back in high school got really interested in the DL side of things when I told her about it. We never had a chance to experiment with it with each other, though. She's sent me short stories once or twice since then, so I can only assume that she's still somehwat into it.
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    That doesn't sound very discreet at all. They advertise their "discreet" shipping, is this false?