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  1. Sabresong

    I need to know a specific piece of information about this site: specifically, what the shipping label of their "discreet shipping" will look like. I will not order from them if "diaper" or "diaperbuys" or anything similar appears on the box I recieve, so I need to know this from someone who has...
  2. Sabresong

    Good diaper for my needs

    So, I don't post here a lot. I prefer to read posts on the Diaper Talk part of the board about once a week, because it's a nice reminder that there are other DLs out there. Starting in about a month, I'm going to be living in a townhouse with some friends and will effectively have my own space...
  3. Sabresong


    Hey, I've been lurking around ADISC for some time! (Usually don't have much to say, but I enjoy reading the information found in the forums here) I consider myself to be mostly a DL, with a small side order of AB (yay, footie pajamas!). I fence sabre, rock climb, and identify as androgynous...