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  1. hellokitty1512

    Toy hammock!

    Daddy and I finished setting up my toy hammock for my toddler room :3 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. hellokitty1512

    For littles too anxious to sleep...

    Build a bear has some scent things you put in the bear/animal. I put one in my favourite build a bear and the smell calmed me down and put me to sleep. I've tried medications and everything for sleep. I'm just too anxious so they don't work. But the scent being in my dogs head out me to sleep...
  3. hellokitty1512

    where to watch paw patrol?

    is there a website i can watch paw patrol on? i cant find it on netflix or hulu.
  4. hellokitty1512

    Daddy and I made a Build a Bear closet!

    My build a bear closet. Daddy and i hung up all the clothes and fixed the shelves to organize the stuff
  5. hellokitty1512

    Teddy con

    Anyone going to teddy con this year? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. hellokitty1512

    I'm confused about this group...

    so is this group for guys that are "sissies" (not talking about transwomen, but GUYS) or is this for anyone whose into girly things? also guys outnumber girls on this website? haha
  7. hellokitty1512

    another build a bear thread haha

    I see threads on here about buildabear and how pricey they are etc (old posts), and i wanted to let everyone know that you can find them at thrift stores and offerup for next to nothing. for the price of one or two at the store, ive gotten 11 with clothing and accessories. Offer Up is an app and...
  8. hellokitty1512

    Hello, I'm new here.

    Hello! I'm a cisgender, 21 (about 4 as a little) year old female looking to make friends. My interests are hello kitty, plushies, doll houses, and toy cars. My non Abdl interests are restoring old and broken furniture, sewing, painting, drawing, and other crafts.
  9. hellokitty1512

    plushie exchange?

    anyone interest in a plushie exchange? got an unwanted plushie and would like to trade it for another? i dont know if theres an existing group but i think it would be fun,