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  1. Ruslan

    Biggest baby diaper you can buy at walmart?

    Any tips? Like i said, I don’t wear very often, what are ways to modify to fit
  2. Ruslan

    Biggest baby diaper you can buy at walmart?

    Hey there guys, I don’t really wear much, but i prefer the feel and look of baby diapers for some reason, i was curious if there was anything bigger than XL goodnites that isn't adult diapers?. XL goodnites fit me, but they are snug a little. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Ruslan

    What multi-player game would you like to see a abdl server in?

    I say garrys mod or...garrys mod lol.
  4. Ruslan

    Games You're Currently Playing?

    Garrys Mod, Crysis 3, And Ghosts/Bf3 for multiplayer. None really for story ir campaign atm.
  5. Ruslan

    COD Ghosts

    Yeah sometimes
  6. Ruslan

    What are your favorite Youtube channels?

    I mostly like comedy lets players. My favorites are. *Northernlion/Ryan (Has a ton of Binding of Isaac videos and has Lets look at... which is nice for indie games) *Ssohpkc/Seamus of the creatures (I like his like, Angry/Relaxed humor and he just always cracks me up) *Game...
  7. Ruslan

    Hi :)

    Thanks both of you :3
  8. Ruslan

    Hi :)

    Thank you :3
  9. Ruslan

    Hi :)

    Hello...I just turned 18 yesterday and my friend told me about this site so i thought, why not!. I am not good at introductions so i am just going to cover the basics. I do not wear diapers and i am not necessarily into the baby stuff like bottles and such. When i can i would like to wear...