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  1. hanzertas

    Men’s Pyjamas

    Glad you cosign! I really want the dino ones.
  2. hanzertas

    Men’s Pyjamas

    Not sure about their UK avaliability but I just found out about Leveret.
  3. hanzertas

    Huggies finally has size 7's

    I did. The packaging was just the Huggies box itself but Amazon does allow you to ship it in plain packaging. I just don't bother with selecting it because every package just goes to the mailroom of my apartment complex and I live alone so it's rather anonymous.
  4. hanzertas

    Huggies finally has size 7's

    I can't actually fit into them but they are awesome. Super soft, extremely cute Lion King designs. Been using them as stuffers and the absorbency is really good, the dry touch liner claim is very real too.
  5. hanzertas

    Baby powder? I bought this originally only because it was same day shipping but now I don't put on a diaper without it. A real unique smell but pleasant.
  6. hanzertas

    New Goodnites XL

    Yeah I was going through that same thought earlier this week. Definitely more absorbent but I'm not quite sure that's just because they fit better or if the absorbency is actually increased.
  7. hanzertas

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    On the topic of white label/generics .... I just noticed this browsing Carewell, looks like Cuties SleepOvers are now also in a stand-alone XL. They are Unisex, not sure if they are plain white or have prints of some sort but worth noting...
  8. hanzertas

    size 8 pampers

    The shipping has always been prohibitively expensive for me to try it but this is a British grocery store I've looked at that ships internationally.
  9. hanzertas

    Bonus Content

    Yeah the real packs are 50 for the smallest. They're real good. Also good in situations when you can't shower (Like when your building turns off your water for 12 hours of repairs #notbitter :LOL:)
  10. hanzertas

    Bonus Content

    I was really happy when I ordered in January because I asked for large samples for a medium order and I thought that might be confusing but it was pretty seamless. As a side note, I call to order every time now. Once I got over the initial anxiety of it, its been a lot more personal and I can...
  11. hanzertas

    Bonus Content

    I started actually ordering packs of wipes with my cases and now I don't get any freebies lol.
  12. hanzertas

    California DL’s

    I'm from the Bay Area. Since relocated to the east coast.
  13. hanzertas

    Where are my railfans at,

    Ooh .. Me! Mainly Amtrak and public transit ... love light/commuter rail and subways and subway maps. Not really into freight trains or anything.
  14. hanzertas

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    If anyone wants to watch my quick unboxing video, here you go!
  15. hanzertas

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    I think they for sure will fit you great.
  16. hanzertas

    Okay...we've officially reached "absurd prices"

    Wow. It reminds me of my literal dreams growing up. When I was hitting early puberty age I always had a reoccurring dream that I just got dropped off in a storage locker full of diapers. :p
  17. hanzertas

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Just got mine on my doorstep! I didn't request a sample so it was my first time trying on one. It fits pretty darn well! The "crushing my junk" feeling from the L/XL is completely gone lol. If the rise in the back/butt was only like a half inch taller I'd wear them as my normal underwear. I'm...
  18. hanzertas

    Cruisers 360 size 7

    Nice. I'd love to see the new taped cruisers!
  19. hanzertas

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Dang, mine aren't coming until tomorrow now. 😑
  20. hanzertas

    Look what I received today