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    Kid asking for a nappy and getting one

    WoW in the US if a school (public) had any mention of religious they would be sued by 1) the ACLU 2) the Freedom from Religion group, One public school got sued for having "The Bible as Literature" class, not even teaching what Jews or Christians belive but just reading the Bible as literature.
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    I wet the bed

    I know what you are talking about I don't normally wet the bed, but so far this week 3 times this week I woke up with a wet diaper and I do not remember wetting it, I just remember going to sleep in a dry diaper. but so far Monday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday Night I woke up the next day...
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    The new Goodnite absorbent inserts

    I was courious, so I picked up a pack of the new goodnite absorbent inserts that are to go into underware, and a pack of the depends guards. Sams size same shape. the guards is about $12 for 52, and the goodnites one are about $17 for 33. So they are just repackage the depends mans guards in a...
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    Games where you can wear Diapers or Diaper mods

    I have this game going to play it, I read that it can be played with the PSVR, thinking when I play I can put on a diaper and a footie sleeper for more immersion.
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    Who was a diapered bedwetter as a child?

    Not all people that get married young are bad parents, my dad was 18, and my mom 16 when they got married, and they were GREAT parents.
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    Loss of desire for diapers

    I can not talk to any one about it, I am not one for electric communications (if I can not feel the presence of the person it just does not work). And in my state we have a mask requirement (6K in fines, and a year in jail, and I can not afford either of those.) and I can not breath with a mask...
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    Loss of desire for diapers

    I am wondering if any one else has been suffering from a loss of desire for diapers. Ever since the pandemic started my desire for diapers have slowly gone down hill, to the point right now I have not warn in about a month. Any one else have this problem. Lately all I been doing is just work...
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    Pokémon Huggies

    Got to pee on them all
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    My walmart says Cash is not accepted, nor will they do cash back, they are plastic only now due to the virus
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    A question for the furrys here.

    I been hanging out in VR chat, a while back a friend in VR chat gave me a nice skin, I see it as a star scape alien skin. But apparently it has some "furry" traits to it (not sure what furry traits are but...) and I have notice that when I go in there always one to four people that are just...
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    VR Chat

    I can say this while I am not a furry. A friend on VR chat gave me a nice skin. I never thought of it a furry skin, but apparently it is, and I get a lot of hate when I use it. I came into this forum to ask how people here deal with the hate of being a furry, as I am getting it even though I...
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    Earliest memory in a diaper?

    I don't remember wearing diapers, but I do remember the day I was potty trained. It was either a spring or summer day. I was confused, as I had an older brother, that when he got in troubled he was not allowed to go out (I was 4 he was 8) And on that day I was being kept in the house but I...
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    Alternative name for Plastic Pants

    I think panties refure to any under wear that don't have a "fly opening" so plastic panties are correct and diapers are technically panties. And ones that have fly opening are briefs. But that was my understanding of the diff.
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    If you had the option to where baby diapers what brand and why?

    If time of diaper was not an issue, Luvs Deluxe for boys or Pampers Phases Walker 3 for Boys. Or maybe the original non-gender Pull Ups with the "poorly" drawn pictures
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    New underjams

    Well some people do get married younger. I have friends (and my parents also) were married at around 18 and 19. Given bed wetting pants are used on children 4 and up, so lets say they get married at 19, and have a kid at 20, the kid could be 4 and in bed wetting pants when they are 24. Teens...
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    Possible low testosterone

    Low T is not bad, last time I was tested I was near the floor Testosterone, Serum 249 Low ng/dL 348 - 1197 (first number is mine, the range is what is considered normal for men) That was my results, it not a bad thing. There is still a debate between me and my doctor, he wants to put me on...
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    Can you reuse an old diaper?

    EAsy if it a cloth diaper put it in the washer, then after that hang it out to dry.
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    The now make walkers for adults

    Could easly add some cloth to make the harness.
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    The now make walkers for adults Tell me those don't look like baby walkers, maybe there should be an AB party there.
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    Covid having you change your DL habit?

    I don't know why but my desire to wear has gone down a lot. Also if I wanted to wear it would be harder as I don't have an apartment washer/drier, so I have to take it down to the basement of the apartment building, and with every one stuck at home the chances of running into some one else is...