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    How to be more girly and feminine?

    It comes from within yourself. And your persona will develop in time. I think the clothes are a great start.
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    Adult babies at gay pride

    The problem I have with participating at Pride parades, is that I do not like labels for anybody. I am a transgirl myself; and that adds my other issue with it. I want to blend in with society, not wear something (or nothing) that says "Look at me". I went to a pride parade with my exgirlfriend...
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    Taken Care of

    You can wear diapers 24/7 and function as anyone else could, although a little more stressful when out and about and you need a change. I have been fulltime since Sept of 2012, after developing OAB. If I did not have to give up my adult hobbies/interests I would love to get taken care of 24/7...
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    Adult Day Care?

    Would love it.
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    Peeing in the Shower/Swimming Pool

    I have OAB, and sometimes cannot help but pee myself when in the shower, fortunately i havent been to the pool yet. The thing is though the chemicals in the pool clean up the urine, not to mention urine is very sterile to begin with, although i might be a little humiliated if i had yellow...
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    AB comforts in day to day life ?

    I always sleep with my stuffed Big Bird, gives me comfort and security at night and allows me to get to sleep peacefully.
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    Hormones- how many of us have considered them ?

    Started HRT, 3 years ago, and cannot see myself off them. I feel out of place being off of them for any given time.
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    Menstruation Envy.. A sober enquiry...

    Yes and no, I do wear diapers, so I am protected 24/7, and I have the side effects of hormones, night sweats , hot cold flashes, moodiness, cramps, etc. I think it would just be an added annoyance (having to change my diapers more), but at the same time would make me feel more girly.
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    Trans and Incontinence

    Reposted from my reply on dailydiapers. While Spironolactone, may increase the frequency to pee, I do not believe it causes incontinence. Nor would I recommend wearing diapers if you dont need to postop, during your recovery. Having pee surround an area that you just had surgery on, can cause...
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    Should adult babies be accepted into society?

    I would have to say no, in mainstream society. I would say yes to munches, or something that is a little more private. I do not think it is right for people to force their desires on others. I am an AB, and also incontinent, so I wear my diapers 24/7. If I bend over, sometimes my diapers do...
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    Any other trans people here?

    I started transitioning 5 years ago, in which 4 year on HRT. I have always been fascinated with diapers from an early age, i guess to fill in a void of feeling unloved by my parents... Last year I actually started needed them.