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    Options for youth bedwetting diapers

    Thanks for all the replies. I purchased the Up&Up nighttime underwear, Walmart's Parent's Choice and Goodnites. I think the Up&Up will be my choice going forward. They are good quality for the price and can hold 1 wetting. I found the parent's choice to be more expensive and lower quality...
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    Options for youth bedwetting diapers

    The DL side of me enjoys wearing goodnites and I'm planning to purchase some in the near future. Since goodnites have some limitations, I was exploring other options and I'm looking for feedback or reviews of your experience using other products. I know capacity is limited so I'm not expecting...
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    Tranquility Elite Care?

    I think I tried a sample a year or two ago but don’t remember much about it. The tranquility ATN fit my needs so I just stuck with those. You can go on tranquility’s website and order a sample to try them for yourself without buying a whole case.
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    Guess the New Supreme Lite Colors & Win a Free Bag from Pre-Stash*

    Kelly green, royal blue, light pink
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    Guess the New Supreme Lite Colors & Win a Free Bag from Pre-Stash*

    Plum, light pink, light blue
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    Guess the New Supreme Lite Colors & Win a Free Bag from Pre-Stash*

    Light pink, light blue, Kelly green
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    Guess the New Supreme Lite Colors & Win a Free Bag from Pre-Stash*

    Lilac, light pink and light blue
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    Guess the New Supreme Lite Colors & Win a Free Bag from Pre-Stash*

    Day 2 guess: hot pink, royal blue, nude
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    Guess the New Supreme Lite Colors & Win a Free Bag from Pre-Stash*

    Light blue, Kelly green, plum
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    Changing on a plane

    While I haven't bought diapers at the airport I have worn on a plane before. Rather than trying to buy diapers at the airport, I would suggest packing a few (and changing supplies) in your carry on bag. If the airport sells diapers, they are likely to be expensive and of poor quality. For a...
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    Goodnites 40% More Protection: Tested?

    If you look at one of the other pictures, it is 40% more absorbent than pull-ups or other training pants NOT a 40% increase in their absorbency (they also market that on the goodnites website). The only recent change was the new 5 layer protection version. There are a few threads on those but...
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    Good diaper for Diarrhea

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will select 1 or 2 to give a try and let you know how they work. I think I will try giving myself a moderate volume enema at home just to check the out before having to use one for real.
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    Good diaper for Diarrhea

    I've taken a few trips this year (all within the country) and on every one I have had diarrhea at least two or three days per trip. I came close to having several public accidents in my pants (as I was not diapered at the time) just making it to the bathroom in time. The diarrhea ranged from...
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    Airport Awkwardness

    I was randomly selected for a search at the gate on a recent trip with my family. I had 2 tranquility ATN diapers in my bag. The guy searching kinda looked at them and just kept going. Fortunately, the rest of my family boarded the plane already (they don't support my desire to wear) and...
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    Wool Diaper Covers

    I was listening to a podcast over the weekend which got off track and mentioned wool diaper covers. I was interested and looked up adult wool diaper covers online. They are significantly more than a pair of plastic pants at $60 to $90 a pair depending on size and manufacturer. I think this is...
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    My 2nd Bedwetting Attempt

    To reduce the smell, make sure you are wearing a premium diaper that is able to absorb all your pee. If the diaper leaks on the bed, the smell will be worse because the sheets will also smell. I would also recommend a good pair of plastic pants to help keep the smell down and catch any leaks.
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    Alternatives to goodnites

    I haven't tried the try-fits yet. You could look into Tranquility Premium Overnight absorbent underwear ( They hold a little more than goodnites (depending on the size). There is also a day time version that...
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    Advice needed first poopy diaper change by nanny

    It is a lot easier than wetting since you can just push. If you don't try to hold back, it is really easy to push it out especially if you need to go.
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    does diaper layering work?

    Layering can be helpful depending on the types of diapers. Before I had access to good quality adult diapers, I would use a Huggies inside a Depend or use two Depends to get adequate absorption. If you cut the slits right and do not wet too heavily at once it worked well for me. The only...
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    A Little With No Nappies

    I agree that baby pants trainers would be a good option. They are thicker (they come in two thicknesses) and have some absorbency so you could still wet them (although you should wear plastic pants if you plan to wet but messing would be fine). They also offer the babyish prints. You can get...