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    Any DL's from Europe?

    French here :)
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    Fitting into Baby Diapers

    I have a 28-29 waist and pampers active fit size 5 (europe) fit me. :)
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    What song can you not stop listening to?
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    I can fit pull-ups T4-5!

    Hello :) What size is your waist ? :)
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    Some diapers I bought yesterday

    Hi andy My waist is 28-29 :) You will maybe fit in Pampers Active fit and Baby dry size 5. The Lidl ones won't fit you, this is just my size and they are not very stretchy. :)
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    when you wake up?

    I keep it something like 30 minutes and put a fresh one on
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    Some diapers I bought yesterday

    Hello adisc :) I bought some diapers yesterday and I wanted to show you these ones They cost me 6 euros (approximately 8 dollars) for 31 diapers. I bought them in France in a Lidl, the brand's name is "Toujours", meaning Always in english (a strange name for diapers). I bought them in size 5...
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    I waste diapers.

    I voted rare or occasionally. I've ever thrown "fresh" diapers because they were damaged.
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    GoodNites (DryNites) users: Are you a cross-diaperer?

    I don't often wear drynites but I clearly prefer boys designs
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    Most embarassing AB/DL event to happen to you

    Something like your story happend to me at the same age A friend defied me to wear a diaper, I stole one of my sister's (it was a pullup style), put her on, and showed it to my friend. After returning home, my mother told me something like "Go change yourself and come and eat". She didn't say...
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    Wearing in public.

    You're right, nobody would imagine that you are wearing a diaper.
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    How would you handle and feel if you had to wear diapers the rest of your life.

    I think I wouldn't like to be in diapers all time, to me diapers are something "special". I like to use them sometimes because it makes me happy, I think wearing diapers 24/7 might be boring :)
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    My Nappies Just Arrived In The Post . Pictures

    I live with other people, it would be kind of hard :(
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    My Nappies Just Arrived In The Post . Pictures

    They look awesome :o I'm soooo jealous, I would like to buy some of these ^^
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    Just bought some pampers size 7 !

    I weight 132 lbs, I'm 5"7', athletically built. My waist is 28-29 inches and I fit in Pampers size 5 (baby dry, active fit, upper size aren't available in France) and Pampers size 6 (Easy ups). :) I dunno how american (and maybe uk) pampers fits
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    Huggies Slip-On Size 6 Review

    Thank you Oriskani, I think I'll buy some of these soon :)
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    wetting in different possistions

    I wear baby diapers since approximately one year and I have no problem wetting while sitting or laying down on my back and on my stomach :)
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    Huggies Slip-On Size 6 Review

    Do you know if Slip On are available in France ?
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    diapers or pullups

    Pull-ups during the day and diapers at night :)
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    Just bought some pampers size 7 !

    Is there a neat difference between Baby Dry size 5 (europe) and size 6 ?