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    How often do you was your plastic pants?

    I just started wearing plastic pants over my diapers and wanted to know bow often everyone washes theirs? I seldom ever leak and they are just to hold in the pee smell that slowly leaks over the course of the night. I only wear at night and I wear abena x-pluses plastic back.
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    Reasons to wear onesie to bed with wife?

    Short sleeve snap crotch style
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    Reasons to wear onesie to bed with wife?

    Oh yes, i aleays wear a tshirt and either pajama pants or shorts to bed. So it would only be replacing my tshirt. Sorry forgot to add that detail.
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    Reasons to wear onesie to bed with wife?

    I recently ordered a onesie and I'm nervours to wear it around the wife though. She is accepting about me weaing and doesn't mind me wearing to bed a few nights a week. We have a kid on on the and I feel she might think it's really wierd with me wearing an adult onsie. I'm thinking of saying...
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    Telling masseuse?

    I have gotten several massages while wearing now and Ihave never had a problem. I always tell them that I'm stress incontinent and sometimes I even put that I'm incontinent in the intake form. Every single one said that it was not a problem and carried on the massage as normal minus the...
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    Baby powder in diaper while flying?

    I know there is a long diapered while flying thread but no one has mentioned having their diaper full of baby powder while flying. I always put a lot of baby powder in my diaper before I put it on. I wanted to know if anyone has had any trouble with the new scanners and baby powder in their...
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    Massage in diapers round II

    Wetdiaperdude, i can't believe she actually refused you, thats crazy. Were you at aegit. Spa or some shady place? I have yet to have any kind of problem whatsoever. As far as pullig down your diaper at the beginning, did she just do it or did you ask her too? My current one tucks the sheet...
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    Massage in diapers round II

    Brithish boy, you are still young. Wait another five years, recieve several massages and then comment if you like. There is no better feeling than being wrapped up in a diaper knowing there is no chance you'll leak and while receiving a deep tissue massage. Fellow DL's please only respond...
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    Massage in diapers round II

    I go to regular day spa's and professional massauses, no shady rub down places if that is what you are asking. I think that is why they are so professional about it and do not make me awkward one bit. I have gone in not telling the massause before and telling them right before the massage...
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    YOUR Stash!

    a LOT of abena X-Pluses!
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    Diaper ID please

    Can anyone ID this diaper for me please. Thanks
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    Massage in diapers round II

    Yeah, your right. I wouldn't be a diaper if there wasn't the hance that i might wet it. I would assume if she was fine me wearing one the. She would be prepared if i wet in it. I'm definitely going to wet eventually but not for awhile, i really want he works on my glutes first. Maybe one...
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    Wet, Messy, or Both

    Wetting most of the time and messing once in a great while. Messing has so much clean up.
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    Massage in diapers round II

    How in the world do you get a massage once a week? Does your insuance cover it? I'm going to defi itely try the glute thing!!!!! I'm going to wAit till i go a few more times first though. I usually tip 25 percent so hopefully she won't think anything of the glutes. I don't know if i could...
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    Massage in diapers round II

    I totally agree, its like getting two corma of therapy at once. It teuly helps me grt into a relaxed mood quicker know that i have a diaper on. Yeah not one has asked questions if i didn't bring it up ahead of time. Does anyone out IC or somethig similiar on the form you have to fill ou...
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    M4 Quality Update: Looks like Abena's Kicking it up a Notch!

    I recently bought three packs of the M4 plastic back through and my lot# was 30.11.11-01.31 exp 11.2016. These are the old stinky ones right? It will take me a few months to go through them but can someone let us know when they get the "new" ones please. :( Anyone know the...
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    Massage in diapers round II

    I didn't email adisc so I have no idea as to why its closed. I guess it was something with the op. As far as the massause goes she asked why and how often i wear them etc.. She wasn't intrusive at all, I kept he conversation going and told her she could ask me anything she wanted. I could...
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    Massage in diapers round II

    The previous massage thread is closed and i really wanted to add my two cents since there were so many differsnt opinions in the last one. I think getting a massage in a diaper is perfectly fine with or without tellling the massause ahead of time. I get them all the time in just a diaper and...
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    Wet Diaper

    Rolling over and feeling the new warm wetness so makes me feel so warm inside. I can't stop rubbing my legs against it
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    Abena M4 cases 75% off!!! (April Fool's Day)

    I couldn't click on the link fast enough. You got me too