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    Wearing Used Diapers

    I have done this with my ex wife. We were an open couple with a few kinks worked in. I was the dom and she was sub with a strong desire to be humiliated in certain social situations ie. Similarly interested friends. We had a garage that had been finished into a bar/game room / adult play space...
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    Dream Diaper Job

    I have driven OTR truck and I will tell you the diapered feeling as I navigated interstate and surface streets was awesome. Once in the spring I was flashed by a small bus full of college girls, and I got an enormous thrill thinking "you girls flashed your boobs and other parts to a man sitting...
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    Hey all

    This is my first time to post anywhere on this subject. I love the diapered feel and wish i could find a diaper that wouldn't leak and still hold a full days pee. I love the feel of a diaper so much and once i have wet it I love the squishy feel. Then after a few additional wets i feel a sloshy...