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    What stuffed animal did you have as a kid?

    Title says it all... I had a stuffed rabbit named Sally. She started out white and pristine but eventually got pretty roughed up!
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    What podcasts are you listening to?

    I used to listen to a lot more but as of now I have my list cut down to: 1. The Moth Podcast 2. 99% Invisible 3. Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates 4. The Finer Points-Aviation Podcast I used to listen to How Stuff Works... got kind of repetitive/boring for me-almost like listening to a...
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    Games You're Currently Playing?

    I picked up Empire Total War on a steam sale a couple months ago, and I'm finally about to give it a go soon. Have to look up some tutorials first because it looks like a hard game.
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    Empty house! About to go 24 hours padded for the first time!

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I'd like to try this soon myself =)
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    Diaper padding all the way around?

    This was my thought exactly. I'd get atleast a sampler for this reason!
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    Best Pull up?

    I've posted this on another thread before, but I really like the Walmart-brand Assurance pullups. I use a cloth belt around the top so they don't sag, and they can hold two full wettings for me. Definitely recommend them.
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    New Years!!

    This is just too cool. It never even crossed my mind that many of those people probably are wearing. Kind of makes me want to go in the future.=)
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    A method I've used in the past is printing out monthly calendar pages from the internet. I'll write my goal on the top margin, such as "Workout everyday," and each day I do it I'll put my initials on the date box. I find after doing it for a week or so, it's very hard to accept stopping the...
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    New Year's 2016 - the ULTIMATE Sleep In Diapers Friday!

    Ha ha I did this too this year. I mostly did it because I was drunk and didn't want to get out of bed, but it sure was a fun way to ring in the new year!
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    Fighting the fetish

    A good tip for fighting it is just focusing on the fun of wearing the diapers instead of mentally pairing it with a sexual desire as well. If you think of it that way, you're just casually and occasionally using a product.
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    Discovering Stuffers

    Cool, thanks. Can't wait to try this
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    Change me. (Short poem)

    That's a fantastic poem some1. I'd love to read more
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    Discovering Stuffers

    Thanks, that helps too. I have to ask, what size generally works to fit in a diaper? I was looking into luvs, and have a 31' waist. The size 4 look like they would work, and I could get more out of them.
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    Wear, wet or mess?

    Mostly wear and wet. Whenever I go number 2 it smells too bad and I hate cleaning up.
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    My wife's support for wearing 24/7

    That's pretty awesome. Please update later! Agree with the rest of the thread, I'd take it easy on her ;).
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    Discovering Stuffers

    After reading this thread, I may just try the trick of tearing the fasteners off of a baby diaper, and simply using the adult diaper as a holder for it. It's a pretty good idea because you could technically just keep using the cheaper baby diapers while still technically fitting you. Will have...
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    Hi there

    Thank ya=) interested to see how I can wear once I get to the airlines=) -Marka Go back up! It's a ton of fun=) thanks for the good luck
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    What's the most absorbent pull up available?

    I like the Walmart "Assurance" ones. I use a cloth belt to tighten it around my waist, and then fold the extra cloth on top around it so you can't tell. They can usually take two wettings and they are a great deal.
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    Discovering Stuffers

    Whenever I tried to slice up a diaper to stuff with, the bits started coming out and made a mess. I've never had success stuffing diapers...=/
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    Hi there

    Lol that made me smile wide thanks Marka=)