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  1. TheReject

    Kids today are so disrespectful today, Why?

    What's your conclusion why today's kids act so desrespectful? I mean when I was growing up I didn't do anything wrong and if I did my "mom" would beat my a** (Which she also did when I wasn't doing anything, Not the point) I saw a girl today punching/kicking her mom (age around 10) for a candy...
  2. TheReject

    John Carter

    Who seen this movie any good?
  3. TheReject

    Hey Wassup

    Hey my name is George I'm 15... blah blah blah that other junk... I listen to music almost all day... Favorite artist are Eminem, DJ Khaled, Young Jeezy, T.I, and a few others. And if any lady's wanna "role play" pm me :wink: