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    Burden. Help!!😭

    I am slowing recovering from anorexia and a suicide attempt. Because of severe malnutrition and everything I have trouble making it to the bathroom in time for pee pee. Also I am being bottle fed the formula stuff to try to restore my weight because I was in a very bad way and refused to drink...
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    Advice regarding a friend

    I met this friend online who is also an adult baby. They were telling me that they suffer from severe depression and lately being little is the only way to cope. I understand this. They said that their pacifier really soothes them just like a baby...again totally get it. But then they told me...
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    Pacifier help!!!😭

    I have a small mouth for an adult but the size 18 to 36 month Nuk paci seems a bit small. So I ordered the adult pink one from little for big. Well it came today and it is just too big!!! Is there an in between?? If so what and where can I order it? Will it cost me more than the $14 with...
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    Netflix and hulu?

    Any good baby shows or cartoons for us on hulu or Netflix? I like cute. Not really into the new stuff. TIA👶
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    diaper rash cream

    So I have been a wearer of diapers for years and knew I wanted to use them but just started recently and I love it. But that is not my point👶 Is there any diaper rash cream that works best and smells best and most babyish?? I have been using powder thus far and just wondering if I get cream can...
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    You know just sucking on my paci secure knowing if I have an accident my diaper will keep the mess contained and I am okay 😌 I feel safe. It feels good.
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    On Facebook if you are in a closed private group (like an ABDL) I know that nobody can see posts and comments but can they see that you are in the group?? I know if you go looking on friends pages you can see likes and some groups. Thanks. Having a tough time. Laying here with the stuffies and...
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    pacified by pacifier?

    I may or may not have posted this before. I type and then delete so I don't know...sorry if it is repetitive. Why does a pacifier tend to really soothe me and stop a meltdown for me much like it does a real baby?? Am I the only one? I can be bawling and honestly feel really close to a complete...
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    Baby age?? Best guess.

    I know that y'all get these a lot but how old do y'all think I am? Here are some of the things this little girl needs/does... 👶 Get rocked to sleep every night and at nap time. ✔ 👶 Uses paci while being put down for naps and bedtime and during fussy times✔ 👶Wet and mess diapers ✔ 👶Loves...
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    My Christmas Gift to Myself

    New diapers,new paci and a singing Barney doll. Merry Christmas to meeeeee!!!! I can't wait to get home,shower,diaper myself and get into bed with Barney! Of course I got to have paci or I will fuss👶
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    Struggling 👶

    So I am lonely and DEPRESSED. I am not sure where to turn. If this post does not belong here please delete it. I am in my big bed with my only friends in this world,my teddy bears and other stuffies. I am not diapered or anything. I feel like I am worthless and I just want to leave the world. I...
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    Girl ABs and Daddys ???

    So I know that girl babies (adult) are much more rare than male ABs. I was just wondering if it is just me or is it also extremely rare to find a straight daddy? I am a baby girl and I am not really looking for a daddy at the moment but have noticed that usually it is either a pervert or he is...
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    Romper from Walmart. Com

    I am SO happy! I found a romper on Walmart. Com!! I am a plus size girl and got a size Large and it fits perfectly!! I love how babyish I feel with my pamper underneath. 🙂🙃👶
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    So I am still struggling but making an effort to get better. I wore pull ups instead of pampers today. I wet once without noticing. I do this thing where I disacciote and zone out. That is when I wet myself. I am still relying heavily on my pacifier. Still a baby girl.
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    Pathetic little baby 😢👶

    So I have fallen again. I am so depressed and suicidal. I am laying here in my diaper and pacifier in mouth and really crying like a baby. I have "regressed" so much these last couple of days that I don't notice when I wet. It is like nothing matters. I hate myself for needing to be a baby...
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    My real life father figure (since I was 15) just told me that I am his baby. He has always said that when I act like a baby he will treat me like one but it was a way of discipline . But I have BPD and am a cutter.💔. I have really been struggling. I asked him if I could be his baby and he said...
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    Calming her fears

    It is bedtime. "Come on,little one,rock a bye time". He picks her up,sits down on the rocking chair and starts to rock holding his baby close and tight. She fusses because she hates bedtime but he is so used to this that without missing a beat he has the pacifier in her mouth. A hush...
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    Does anybody know how I can feel happier?? I am currently in diapers. I just wish I felt more little. Really struggling with depression right now.
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    Best baby punishments

    I was just wondering what kind of punishments are the other babies favorite? Me I am a baby girl and I like going over the knee for a spanking (with diaper on,in full view) and when the wailing and tears start I like it when I get a pacifier stuck in my mouth with a stern "if you are going to...
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    Borderline Personality Disorder

    I have been diagnosed with BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder after being misdiagnosed for years as Bipolar. I just wondered if anybody else has BPD and baby tendencies as I read that regression and child like behavior is common with BPD.