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  1. Illinoise

    Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#809

    How much snow accumulation did you get?
  2. Illinoise

    Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#710

    109° heat index here today before the storms hit.♨️🌡⚡⛈
  3. Illinoise

    Is age neutral a thing?

    An overpopulation nightmare would eeventually happen. 😉
  4. Illinoise

    What was the last movie you saw in a theater before the coronavirus pandemic?

    Ford vs. Ferrari, Thanksgiving Day 2019
  5. Illinoise

    I Love Libraries

    Our local library is one of the only things left in our dying mall. It has an awesome Children's Library, which comes in handy when we're babysitting my 7 year old cousin.
  6. Illinoise

    And another one down

    We are burying my favorite uncle tomorrow. He lived for the past 15 years with Alzheimers, so his death is actually a release of sorts. But it still sucks. But I have a crap ton of awesome stories and memories of him. I trust the same is true of your uncle.
  7. Illinoise

    Bathing habbits

    Taking a bath does make me feel little, but "big" me works a hard labor job, so it's more about soaking my aching body in steamy hot water ( with copious bubbles, of course.😉😎)
  8. Illinoise

    My Childhood & Teenage Years --- Mental Health & Abuse

    Even though I fall somewhere between Deist and Agnostic on the belief spectrum, it sure sounds like Someone might've been looking out for you during all those failed suicide attempts. (maybe your baby brother who died, who the hell knows?🤔) It breaks my heart😔 and angers😡 me in equal measure...
  9. Illinoise

    Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#707

    "I hope when we get to Heaven He sees us all as kids." Thomas Rhett, "I'll Always Remember You Young"
  10. Illinoise

    Surviving Thanksgiving

    Oh well, like the saying goes, s#!+ happens.😉
  11. Illinoise

    Commercials Are a Lie.

    Since He was purportedly born in 4 BC, that Birthday cake would have 2023 candles. "Light of the World", indeed. Also, would His birthday be celebrated Dec. 25, or whatever day He would have actually been born?🤔
  12. Illinoise

    Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#690

    Having to fight "Big Pharmacy"😡 would have to be quite the buzzkill when it comes to regressing into little space. 😔
  13. Illinoise

    I Had the Craziest Nightmare

    You know you're dream is off the hook when the appearance of a rabid raccoon is NOT the most batshit crazy detail. 🤨🤔😮
  14. Illinoise

    Anyone here into cars?

    Does your Dart have a Slant 6, or a V8 under the hood?
  15. Illinoise

    Things everyone has done but you

    That's probably for the best. Not saying that ALL ice cream truck opperators are likely sex offenders, but some stereotypes contain a nugget of truth.
  16. Illinoise

    Quiet play with LEGO Bricks...

    The injector hat on the engine is a nice touch. Also, I like the artwork of the old Twin Cities tractor hanging on the wall.
  17. Illinoise

    Picture Books

    I like to go on YouTube to hear books by the esteemed Dr. Theodor S. Geisel read aloud.😉
  18. Illinoise

    The Inner Monologue of a Lesbian Mind

    Wait, they don't?😉🤣
  19. Illinoise

    Lightening Bugs

    I live next door to Missouri, and have always called them lightening bugs. Whatever one calls them, it sure seems like we see fewer each Summer.
  20. Illinoise

    Indianapolis 500

    Rossi sure opened up a can of premium Grade A whoop ass on the field today at Road America.