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  1. Illinoise

    Super Bowl picks

    So, who wins the Lombardi Trophy tomorrow night? Also, will the commercials be better than the sorry batch we got last year?
  2. Illinoise

    How would the Super Bowl look different if littles/ AB's ran the world?

    Some time back, we had a thread asking how the world would look if Littles/AB's ran things. With next weeks big game coming up, how would the SB be different? I will start with a few thoughts: The ball itself would be multi colored, instead of just brown leather. The pre Anthem flyover would be...
  3. Illinoise

    New "Toy Cars" group

    Hey my fellow littles, I just created a new "Toy Cars" group. Anyone want to push their Hot Wheels over there and join me? :biggrin:
  4. Illinoise

    Even my Smart Phone knows I am a little.

    So the other day, I went to post "Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad" on my mom's Facebook wall. But AutoCorrect kept trying to change 40th to 4th. I wish, as that would make me 3.5 years old.:laugh:
  5. Illinoise

    You know you're truly a little when... spend most of the family Thanksgiving get together hanging out and playing with your four year old cousin. We even played on the floor literaly at the grownups'--and older kids'-- feet while they played a card game. But, why not, watercolors, Legos, and Play Doh are way more fun...
  6. Illinoise

    So I woke up in a toddlerś bedroom...

    The walls were painted a light blue. To my left, the wall was adorned with vinyl graphics of most every Thomas train. To my right was a bookcase loaded with Dr. Suess classics. Behind me was a closet filled with toys and cases of diapers. All of you who get off on forced regression stories can...
  7. Illinoise

    Alternative uses for baby items

    I use baby oil for shining my car's tires. I also use it to lube my feet as protection against blisters. (I spend a lot of time on my feet at work.) Anyone else use "baby" items in unorthodox ways?
  8. Illinoise

    How cold is it where you are?

    It's supposed to be 2 above here in the St. Louis area Wednesday. We don't often see temps that cold here. How bad is it supposed to get where you live? (No doubt, the Aussies on here will now be telling us how hot it is down there. LOL
  9. Illinoise

    How severe burns helped me feel like a little

    Last week, I burned both my hands in a kitchen grease fire. (The left hand, particularly the thumb) is REALLY scorched. Possible nerve damage even.) The net result is that both my hands are heavily bandaged. So today, my mom had to wipe my butt after I pooped. Now, I claim that my play age is...
  10. Illinoise

    Santa's Helpers

    You have to love hearing about a college student still writing letters to Santa.
  11. Illinoise

    Alternative terms for "little"items

    I know we had a poll some time back asking what folks call their pacifiers. That brings me to another question: What other alternative names for ab or little items have folks on here come up with? When I was an actual little guy, I called my PJ's "hobdobbers." :laugh: Please don't ask for an...
  12. Illinoise

    Anyone on here work with kids?

    We all know how Littles often get falsely associated with pedophillia. So if you work with kids, you kind of need to keep this weird "adult kid" interest hidden. This is the boat I find myself in. I can't be real specific, but will say that I volunteer to help with "special" kids. My primary...
  13. Illinoise

    Hello from the Land of Lincoln

    I'm a thirty-something, college-educated "little." If pinned down to say a play age, I'd say 3-5.(Too old for daipees, but not so much of a big kid that I'll turn down a paci.) My ultimate scenario, my nirvana, would have me crawling around on hands and knees, clad in a childish t-shirt and...