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  1. lokithegirlysergal

    Longest time in a diaper?

    19 hours was my longest. It was a double stack of depends max (I know, worst diaper, but I like them for the price and ease of getting them) I absolutely love wearing and wetting for extended periods when I can, and I must say your thread has made me want to brake my record^^ wet long and...
  2. lokithegirlysergal

    My cloth diaper pile.

    Hehe that's really cool ^^ I'm trying to do the same thing myself with aio cloth diapers. I have like 7 or 8 of them that gets be thru a week of bed wetting, but for daly use I must still use disposables. Which I don't mind as I love both tipes of diapers. But I wouldn't mind the long turm money...
  3. lokithegirlysergal

    Your real parents

    My mom knows and completely cool about this side of me. I wear and dress up around her and she's just normal about it. It started when I start to wet the bed again in my early teens, never stopped and iv worn sense, but she was the one the helped me get my diapers tell I got my own job. So its...
  4. lokithegirlysergal

    I LOVE leaky diapers

    Don't get me wrong, I like to stay dry as we'll and be able to wear for a long time with all the squishy padding <3 but there's just something about the occasion when I do have leaks, it's just really enjoyable. Guess it's cus I feel a little helpless when it happens and kinda makes me feel more...
  5. lokithegirlysergal

    I LOVE leaky diapers

    I don't know what it is, and sometimes the mess it a little much. But even if the wet bed or chair is anouying I can't help but get all happy when I have a leaking diaper. Dose anyone else feel this way?:sweatdrop:
  6. lokithegirlysergal

    On an average day in diapers........

    Im starting to use about two a day, i always wear one at night that I wet right before bed or in the middle of the night.
  7. lokithegirlysergal

    Think I finally made myself wet at night

    This is sooo something I will one day train myself todo, I can't because of work hours right now but soon. I truly do miss a wet nappy in the mornings
  8. lokithegirlysergal

    Words to melt an AB

    Oh most of what was already said dose it for me. I can regress so easy I can't help it sometimes but to blush. Iv actuly caught myself about to wet without wearing any diaper after my daddy said "dose my wittle girl need a changing and bottle before bed" knowing my diapie was dry and trying to...
  9. lokithegirlysergal


    I was spanked twise in my life, both with a belt and man... I so deserved it...but, I never think it's going to leave the AB world, in fact I think it might come about more as people open up more and more.
  10. lokithegirlysergal

    How dose it feel to mess?

    Thank you all so much for your answers and advise on messing, you all (exept epo1, for which I still respect your opinion and thank your for posting) have convinced me to give messing a try and get more out of each one of my diapies. Any more advice would be kind and again I thank all that...
  11. lokithegirlysergal

    A couple questions on Paci's.

    It's a nuk from Walmart, I don't really know which one but I got the biggest one they had.
  12. lokithegirlysergal

    >//< omg the oatmeal thinggy in diapers are just... thing ...EVER!!! I will do this so much from now on...ittttss soooo good and sqweshy. I'm really glad I read this forum. Highly recommend this as we'll...going to buy so much otemeal with my next check<3
  13. lokithegirlysergal

    How dose it feel to mess?

    So..latly iv gotten the urge to do more then just wet my diapie. But iv always been timid about messing cus of the 'Mess' and the smell... I was wondering, of thouse who do mess there nappies, what's it like? Do you clean right away? What are some of yours tips for someone who is first trying...
  14. lokithegirlysergal

    Safe place for your little side.

    My head, my room, if my parents arnt home my whole house and back yard<3
  15. lokithegirlysergal

    A couple questions on Paci's.

    So I'm starting to suck my paci more often and have tried to sleep with it but I'm have hard times with it I'm just wondering a few things from people who use there paci more then I. When I suck my paci after a while my jaws and lips start to hurt and it dosnt really become enjoyful to use...
  16. lokithegirlysergal

    Awkward moments...

    Well. i had just gotten off work and got my check in the bank. i had to pick up my diapers for the month and as i got home i saw my dad was home (he dosnt know anything about me except im gay and he ignores that) so i had to tough it out as i walked in the door and him right next to me as i...
  17. lokithegirlysergal

    Diaper related dreams?

    a few times a month ill dream about diapers them self's. but id like to think diapers are in all my dreams, whether i notice them or not :P
  18. lokithegirlysergal

    How long have you gone undiapered?

    maybe a month, but that was only do to money being tight. but in an average time span its only a few hours between day and night when i put one on for bed or i feel safe unf to wear during the day.
  19. lokithegirlysergal

    How many people have their ears pierced

    I have my left ear pierced but i plan on getting more on both ears. along with a few others on in different places.
  20. lokithegirlysergal

    How old are you?

    hmm...well about 2-3. that's my mindset most of the time but i have gone as low as 6 months with the right person to care for me ^3^ but i feel most comfortable at 2 years.