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  1. Venesha

    Super thick diapers

    I'm curious if there would be any actual interest in something like this. Now I'm not talking about something like Rearz or any other "premium" diaper. I mean an ultra thick diaper. Something that would be roughly 3 - 6 inches, maybe more "unused." I've seen listing on ebay and the like every...
  2. Venesha

    Rearz Rebel Diapers

    Looks like Rearz has a new diaper slated for release May 23rd. These sound like they are a thinner daytime diaper. I'll be curious to see what these look like.
  3. Venesha

    Sometimes it's just nice and relaxing to be padded

    A few years ago I landed a job that got me out of working 2 jobs at once one a retail/warehouse and the other a food service delivery job. I was pretty stressed and have the gray hair to prove it. I worked the retail/warehouse job for 5 years on top of the food service job I had for 12 years...
  4. Venesha

    Anyone have insights on sissykissboutique website?

    I'm looking to get some new dresses and other sissy/lg stuff. I've seen this website before and have lurked on it a bit over the years but never bought anything. I was wondering if anyone had insights into their quality. They seem a bit pricey especially when you consider shipping overseas...
  5. Venesha

    Anyone excited for the 2017 My Little Pony movie?

    With the constant character reveals and leaks it looks like it's going to be really interesting where they go with it. So far they've revealed two furry (seemingly furry enough anyways from the one picture since its just from the waist up) characters with Capper and Captain Celaeno. I'll be...
  6. Venesha

    Looks like a new DC Idyl is on the way.

    Was just over at the DC Amor/Idyl website and saw that a new 2017 version is on the way, expected to hit late february early march if everything goes well. These ones look much better than the 2016 run in my opinion. The blue is more babyish instead of the loud deep blue of the previous...
  7. Venesha

    Anybody else find they have to many diapers?

    I'm a bit of a pack rat and tend to keep things forever. With the boom in abdl manufacturers that's happened over the last few years I find myself ordering and liking many of the abdl themes diapers that are out there. I'm currently sitting on top of some of the pink teddy diapers from awwsocute...
  8. Venesha

    ABUniverse is apparently working on a pull up style diaper.

    I sent an email out to them to inquire about future plans for their cloth-like line. I was trying to see if they had plans for a cloth or a thinner version of the little paws for daytime/playtime use. Here is the reply I received: Not sure if this is news or not but I found it interesting at...
  9. Venesha

    Anyone have tips on where to get adult sized littles clothing items?

    I guess I'm kind of in a weird front here. I've noticed that a lot of the character stuff tends to be more on the ab/dl side of things and the sissy stuff for the most part is usually ruffle satin dresses and the like with no prints. I've been all over the place and never really stumbled onto...
  10. Venesha

    Exercise Ball = Adult Baby Bouncer

    Not sure if anyone remembers these or not or if they still make them at all. When I was a baby, and while growing up around other babies, I remember these seats you could hang in a doorway with long elastic straps. This enabled a baby placed in them to have their feet on the ground and bounce...