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  1. lokithegirlysergal

    I LOVE leaky diapers

    I don't know what it is, and sometimes the mess it a little much. But even if the wet bed or chair is anouying I can't help but get all happy when I have a leaking diaper. Dose anyone else feel this way?:sweatdrop:
  2. lokithegirlysergal

    How dose it feel to mess?

    So..latly iv gotten the urge to do more then just wet my diapie. But iv always been timid about messing cus of the 'Mess' and the smell... I was wondering, of thouse who do mess there nappies, what's it like? Do you clean right away? What are some of yours tips for someone who is first trying...
  3. lokithegirlysergal

    A couple questions on Paci's.

    So I'm starting to suck my paci more often and have tried to sleep with it but I'm have hard times with it I'm just wondering a few things from people who use there paci more then I. When I suck my paci after a while my jaws and lips start to hurt and it dosnt really become enjoyful to use...
  4. lokithegirlysergal

    Anyone with a ps4?

    hey everyone, iv had my ps4 for a little and i havent made any friends :( so i was wondering if any of you guys did, and if so if you could add me and we could play sometime. lokithesergal is my psn.
  5. lokithegirlysergal

    A question on cloth diapers.

    Hia^^ so I've been looking into cloth diapers as an alt to the depends with tabs I've been using. I've looked around quite a bit and the best deal to reviews is babykins cloth diapers and plastic pants. Now I was wondering if anyone here uses them and how long they've lasted them before they...
  6. lokithegirlysergal

    A "short" rant/story on becoming me.

    so. lately in my life i have been asked the question "why do i want to be a girl". for someone who is still new to these feelings truthfully its not just a question from other people to me...its a question to myself. now, understand i still live at home, my parents don't know and wont tell i...
  7. lokithegirlysergal

    *wags tail* Hi, new girl here :)

    So I'm a bit nervous, but id like to think that's normal for a first timer. >\\> I'm a bit shy around new people but i warm up with time, thou i am trying to be more open about myself. I'm trying to get a job right now (i work for the paper as a delivery person), little luck but there's hope...