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  1. GlitteredArtist

    Low absorbancy printed diapers

    Everyone is always looking for maximum capacity ... what are some of the thinner/less absorbant/capacity ABDL diapers on the market?
  2. GlitteredArtist

    With Babica Playcribs Closed :( Alternatives?

    Does anyone know anyone making something similar to the Babica Playcribs? I didn't realize they were out of business and fell in love with the twin version, only to be heartbroken :(
  3. GlitteredArtist

    Reccomendations for light bladder incontinence?

    I work a very fast paced job, wear a green apron and serve coffee. If you catch my drift. Our particular store is pretty busy and I am a hift supervisor so I'm a little more active than most mycoworkers, lots of bending over and moving stuff. I also get crazy miserable hot,like everyday. I've...
  4. GlitteredArtist

    Cutesy shoes?

    Does anyone have any reccomendations?
  5. GlitteredArtist

    Most cost effective cloth diapers?

    I have a dependeco i like reasonably well, but only have one and would like to branch out a bit. I cloth diapered my actual children so I have a decent understanding of different styles and the like
  6. GlitteredArtist

    ABU Bunnyhopps

    What are your thoughts? I mostly like them but the tape panel gets confusing because you can see the overall print through as well.
  7. GlitteredArtist

    Going on Vacation

    So I have kiddos and so my husband and I rarely get alone time, or time for my ageplay stuff. But we will have two whole days where we can. We are staying at a luxury hotel with casino - pools - spa. What little stuff should I pack? I might go buy myself a new toy as well to take ... ideas...
  8. GlitteredArtist

    Post Surgery Diaper Suggestions? Incision will be at bellybutton.

    AT the beginning of October I'm having abdominal surgery (3rd time, ughhh) they will make three incision one on the bellybutton and then one at the same height on either side. Getting up and down a bunch will really suck, especially the first 24 hours. So I was thinking it would be an excellent...
  9. GlitteredArtist

    Changing Times Diaper Company

    Has anyone heard of this company? Supposedly they are launching a new disposable soon but I've never heard of them
  10. GlitteredArtist

    Balancing Ageplay & Family Life/Parenthood

    So my husband and I have a couple toddlers, and more recently a new baby as well. I have not particularly desired any "little" time since well before my most recent pregnancy. But recently, I do. My husband was previously fairly involved and open minded - but I somehow feel uncomfortable...
  11. GlitteredArtist

    Good Diapers for Men?

    My hubby decided this weekend to jump into diapers with me and play with blocks. But I do not know much about diapering the male anatomy. He felt like after one wetting the front was soaked and made him nervous about leaking but the back was totall dry. So I am now questing for ABDL (cute...
  12. GlitteredArtist

    Looking for a diaper with fit similar to original Snuggies

    I have the Tykables overnights but they're just not quite what I loved about the originals. I liked the slim-ness and the fact that they did not go halfway up my back. I liked ABU lavendars but they weren't as tight as I liked.
  13. GlitteredArtist

    Economically Sound But Still Okay Product Diaper Suggestions PLEASE!

    I'm low on funds, but am looking to buy some diapers after not having been able to for a good while. I was always fond of bambinos and Snuggies/Tykables but I'm having a hard time determining most bang for my buck as far as quality/quantity. I'll find something and feel like I can financially...
  14. GlitteredArtist

    Diaper Similar to Original Waddler?

    Since Snuggies is rebranding and they won't have a daytime option for a bit does anyone have any ideas on a very comparable diaper? They were the only diapers I could sleep in - bambinos are too thick and I get sweaty. but I still want the comfy factor that I cannot seem to find in a medical...
  15. GlitteredArtist

    Diaper Companies/Sites Where PayPal is Accepted

    What are sites where you can pay with PayPal? I'm super bummed ABU isn't offering it.
  16. GlitteredArtist

    Aww So Cute & Baby Pants Pacifiers?

    Looing into getting one ... does anyone have both and could tel me similarities differences and why the preferred whichever more?
  17. GlitteredArtist

    In Between Sizes? My Hips Don't Lie ;P

    Okay, so I'm having sizing issues. I have gained a little weight, from a bunch of meds I'm on. But I'm not proportionate now ... Mediums, the bottom tape hardly meets the taping zone and then the top tape is on target. Larges the overlap is insane and it looks and feels super awkward...
  18. GlitteredArtist


    So I'm looking into an AIO - that realistically would more often be worn over a disposable for cuteness/puffiness. But would also maybe sometimes be worn standalone. Any good places to chec besides Dependeco? DO I have to have plastic pants?
  19. GlitteredArtist

    Onesies! Rompers! I can't find them in my size?!

    Okay, so I'm a short person 5'2" - and am seriously struggling to find any onesies small enough for me. The baby-pants small is okay after I've shrunk it in hot water, I think my actual length is 29" ... I have been experimenting with sewing but wouldn't know where to start without a pattern...