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    anyone tried these diapers

    They sound like they are equal to Bambino Bianco. XP Medical - Absorbency Plus Adult Diapers
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    how many would if put in a nursing home and ask if you want to wear diapers

    How many would gladly wear diapers in a nursing home just so you could get a nurse to change you all the time. Nursing Home Alert - Big-Time Alert Of Diapers And Nursing Homes
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    have you ever wet the bed. for non bedwetters

    I was reading a study done at a collage the other day that ask if the students that were not bed wetters had ever wet the bed even once after age 5. The study showed that about 96% admitted to having at least once wet the bed. The study also asked if any with out incontinence had ever wet...
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    A salute to those military lost since 9/11

    Angel Flight (Radio Tower Remix) - w/ Lyrics - YouTube
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    new here but a old DL

    New here but a old DL and a old time DPF member. I started because i was incontinent till i was 12 and had surgery to fix the problem. then wore because i like the feeling. Been wearing diapers for fun and convenience for 45 years. And now i need to because of neurosarcoidosis that combined with...