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  1. Amelia

    Any canadians?

    I'm going to Canada for a business trip sometime in late Dec/early Jan. Have several questions. 1. Is b4ns the only site that sells bambinos in Canada? Are they a good company? Any other alternative websites to buy them from? 2. Which are the better bambinos? Teddy or Bellissimo? Bellissimo...
  2. Amelia

    Problem with kendall lille grey

    First time trying them and they are too long. The top of the diaper stick up above my naval. Since, they are so long, the tapes are positioned too high up. This causes the diaper to sag greatly when wet... They sag so badly till the leg gathers are then not even touching me anymore, resulting...
  3. Amelia

    Yet another reason to wear diapers You might get locked into the bathroom for 3 weeks :p
  4. Amelia

    Tena Super leaking through plastic backing?

    It's my first time trying Tena Super in ages. Only after 1 wetting, it started leaking a little when I sat down. Weirdly, urine seems to be leaking through the plastic backing and not the leg openings. It's like pee is being squeezed out through the plastic backing. Is this common for Tena...
  5. Amelia

    Video: Diapered Teacher getting pantsed

    Just found this video, the teacher is wearing a diaper! Teacher Gets Pantsed video clip - Stupid videos -
  6. Amelia

    Weston Academy (ABDL game)

    Found a bunch of abdl games from fox tales times. FTT Current Update I particularly like Weston Academy, but am stuck at the point where I'm supposed to run to the dinning hall in 30s and drug someone's drink or something. Can't seem to travel to the next map at all. Is this where the game...