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    Cvs pharmacy night time underpants

    I'm actually really suprised by them I bought a pack to try, they look like GN's down to the T even stretch as much if not more .. they are also softer and feel much nicer around the bum than Goodnites if I didn't know any better I think they are made by the same company. I cant seen to upload a...
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    I have found the most amazing pull-ups

    I love these diapers I'm wearing one now, they are super soft I stumbled across them and the moment I slid it up I knew these were the ones I will be ordering nothing but these from now on
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    Question about Underjams and

    The underjams question has to do with did they fix the issue of the sides where they connect to the front would tear after a couple of hours ?? I noticed they updated them that's why i ask The question is has anyone used them if so do your items come in plain boxes or how does it work...
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    Close call with my delivery today :(

    I finally got tired of buying my GN's in small quantities so I bought the 34 pack from Amazon and it came in the factory box, thank God it doesn't say Goodnites on the box it says Kimberly Clark on top and the product number as well as size and gender and if you peeked through the middle of the...
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    Goodnite + tru-fit insert anyone tried it ?

    I thought about it today wonder if it would be any better to put the underwear inserts in the goodnite Pull-up, I know there is 50 other diaps I could like but they are my favorite
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    A week being 24/7

    I know a lot of people have been doing it a lot longer than that, I'm starting to get adjusted meaning easier to go, I don't notice or feel the bulk as much ( I forgot I was wearing a Pull-up and walked out of the room with nothing but it on I was half asleep lol ) changing is easy and so is...
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    Always discreet diapers sizing question

    I wear the large ones now and I weigh 250 but they seem lose or to big sometimes I was wondering if anyone has the S/M size and how they fit if your a little bigger ?
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    Has any DL's thought about going to straight diapers sometimes?

    I only ask because a couple of days ago I wanted to start wearing my Goodnites for extended periods ( which I have for 2 days it's been the greatest ) and in that time I've started questioning why I wear underwear when these feel like heaven to me I love the way they feel, the little bit of...
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    Its time

    Hello all I'm not so good at this sort of thing but here goes For starters I'm a bigger on size Sissy/DL and dabble a little in the AB side not much though, I enjoy anything car related, i love gaming with console and Pc. I'm looking to get out of this a new sence of love for what I am and...