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    Cartoon Underwear----Underoos

    I have been shopping at small outlet stores, and since you asked, I have to pay attention to the brands and which store next time, so I can pass the info along.
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    I have about 300+ books. I love vampire, horror, magic, good romance, basically novels or series books are my favorite.
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    Trauma as a child

    My mother left me for drugs and men (she was 19 wasn't ready to be a mom) with my alcoholic grandmother to raise. My grandmother having to work left me in charge of a male family member who molested me from age of 3- 9. To this day when I am stressed I find my blanket, and it comforts me. I...
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    Building a Nursery.

    I agree with the others. Pick a theme that represents something you love, calming, and go with that. Both of you shop and build the nursery together. Take bunches of pictures and share.
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    Cartoon Underwear----Underoos

    I am female and have to say I love my girlie girl panties. With frills, and cartoon characters like hello kitty. I believe there should be more places that cater to adults liking characters and create more under garments for our adult sizes.
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    Regression as a part-time activity

    I find that it helps me to destress from my daily life. Gives me a time to calm, go within myself find happiness. My childhood was happy, fun, enjoyable and my adult life is stress, go, go go. I to am not a 24/7 baby, I only get rare opportunities, and when I do, those are happy times for me.
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    Hi there, 35 year old female, mother and wife. I love hiking, photography, travel, writing, collecting books, and everything involving the beach. I am a lifetime thumb-sucker, who regresses to the age of 3-6. I am interested in pacifiers and looking forward to getting my first soon. I have...