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    Messing and Clean up

    So I love wetting and urine doesn't really bother me in the slightest. However, every once in a strange while i decide it might be a curious idea to mess in a diaper. Its all fun and games until it comes time to take the diaper off and clean up (shortly after). Of the handful of times I've done...
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    Diaper selection advice

    My last order of diapers included a pack of abena m4s and and sample pack of tena slip maxi small. The tena slip maxis (maxii?) were quite a bit small on me and i really had to stretch it to the end of the tapes. However the abena m4s seemed a bit big to me, and besides i like a snug diaper...
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    "Premium" diapers, which should I chose? How do Bambino Bellissimos and Tena Slip Maxi compare?

    I've only ever been able to try cheaper store bought diapers in the past, but I'm thinking of trying some of the "premium" diaper brands To those who have more experience with higher end diapers, is there anything I should I know? In particular I have my eye on the Bambino Bellissimo or the...
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    Good diapers to wear under normal clothes (discreetly)?

    What might be some good options for diapers for wearing under normal clothes (discreetly)? It can't leak, yet at the same time can't be so thick or crinkly that it would be very noticeable. I don't have a ton of experience with different diapers so, any ideas?
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    Cute Animal T-Shirts

    I think this would be a good place to ask but I'm not sure... Anyways does anyone know a what good place to find like cute animal type t-shirts might be, but in adult sizes obviously? I wish I had a better example but like maybe like the cute cartoony animals you would see on in a children's...
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    Wearing in public.

    How many people wear in public? Is it acceptable to wear diapers in public (under normal clothing) when not actually incontinent? How about wetting in public? Are there some situations were it would be OK and others not? I'm curious about what you guys think and I'm also considering doing it...
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    Free Hosting

    Does anyone know of a good web host which offers a free tier? I need mysql and php support. A VPS would certainly be preferred but idk that ill find that for frees. If not what are my cheapest options? Thanks in advance, - rawr1
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    Anyone heard of these things?

    Saw these "Diaper Disposal Bags" (see image) at a dollar store. They sort of seem like an odd product, but it got me wondering if there would actually be any utility to such a thing. I didn't buy any beacuse I was in a hurry, but I thought of adisc when I saw them. If I go back I might get some...
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    Leak stories...

    How common is it to leak? Anyone have any leaking horror stories? How did you handle it? Or else tell about big leaks that turned out alright.
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    What small things make it all worth it?

    What are the little things that make living seem like a good idea? What are those feelings that you cherish? Feel free to mention diapers and ab things but if you do try and say something else as well. Examples for me: songs that give you goosebumps long hugs when you really needed one...
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    Peeing in a diaper...

    Does your stomach/abdomen ever feel kind of weird or quezy when you pee in a diaper, like it isn't quite flowing naturally or something? Or do your eyes water? Maby I'm just weird...
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    Operating Systems

    What is your favorite OS, or what OS do you chose to use most often, and why? - - - Updated - - - For me its linux because I like the extra freedom and control that comes with it. I switched from windows to using Ubuntu as my primary desktop OS a while ago, and haven't touched my windows...
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    Raspberry Pi

    Anyone the owner of a Raspberry Pi, or heard of it? If so, what cool things have you done, or want to do, with one?
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    What is your favorite forum game?

    What is your favorite forum game? You know, like "rate the signature above you", "destroy the picture above you", etc.
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    What song can you not stop listening to?

    What is your favorite song right now. Not necessarily your all time, long standing, favorite -- but what is that song that you can't stop listing to currently?
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    What is your favorite look for a diaper?

    What color or pattern do you prefer your diapers in? White seems to be the norm, but some do come in grey or if they are marketed to be used by a younger crowd they often have cute pictures, characters or patterns on them. What is your favorite based purely on looks?
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    How long before change?

    How long do you usually stay in a wet diaper before changing it? Do you like to sit in a warm squishy diaper for a while, or prefer to get dry as soon as possible?
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    I just made an account after ocassionally lurking for quite some time. I was told that I should introduce myself. I am roughly going to follow the 'cheat sheet' posted as a sticky here. I am not sure if anyone actually cares, but here it goes... For the purpose of this post, my name is rawr1...