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    IC to DL - Diapers, What's Not to Like?

    I am in a different boat. I've never been incontinent...Ive just always been intrigued by diapers. When I was younger, I would always get excited when a diaper commercial would come on (and I guess I still do). So in a way, being a DL has always been a part of me.
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    Telling my bf.

    Sounds like it's going to work out for you Casey. I'm so happy for you!
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    AWW SO Cute diapers

    I really want to try them, but I agree with everyone else....they are a bit pricey.
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    Am I the only one?

    I agree...If I could still fit into pampers or huggies, I would wear them all the time. There is just something about the look, feel, and smell of baby diapers that hasn't been replicated by adult diapers. I still wear goodnites every once in a while to get the same feel, but its still not quite...
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    I woke up wet yesterday

    I totally agree. To have an on/off switch would be sweet!
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    Wetting and other nappy issues.

    I don't wear very often so i encounter this problem when I do get to wear again. You just have to relax and get used to it. Your mind and body has been trained to go only when on a toilet and you have to break the to speak. Generally it doesn't take me long to start wetting my diaper...
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    Well, I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of AB/DLs walk out of Target earlier today. o:

    This is pretty cool. I wish I would run into some ab/dls while I was running errands around town. Maybe I have and maybe I just need to be more observant. :smile1:
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    How your boyfriend/girlfriend reacted to your diapers

    At least you're to the point of wearing around him...i think its going to take me awhile to get there. :/
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    How your boyfriend/girlfriend reacted to your diapers

    I'm sure you will become more and more comfortable as time passes. Kind of a practice makes perfect thing i something enough and it becomes second nature. How long has he known about your secret Casey?
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    How your boyfriend/girlfriend reacted to your diapers

    I totally understand where you're coming from Casey. I'm going to try to ask her if it's alright for me to buy some diapers to keep in the apartment. Then I'll see how she feels about me wearing around here. I hope I can get to the point where I can be around her in just a diaper and a T-shirt...
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    How your boyfriend/girlfriend reacted to your diapers

    I recently told my GF last week that I like to wear diapers. She didn't really tell me how she feels about it, but I think she's accepted it as part of who I am. Nothing has really changed about our relationship. I currently do not wear around her, but I am trying to ease into it. I am going to...
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    Diaper check

    I agree! There are many times where I like to sit in a wet diaper and embrace the feeling that I wet it. But I also think it would be cool to have someone do a poopy diaper check on me as well. I'd love that same feeling of being little!
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    My "Coming Out"

    Hey Lilicup...thanks for your kind words of welcome. I mainly play first person shooters, but I also like sports games like FIFA and strategy games like Age of Empires. What about you? - - - Updated - - - I'd be happy to share some wx stories. I'll probably save those for blog posts though...
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    My "Coming Out"

    Hey everyone I am a professional weatherman. I am not on TV...I basically work with the government to write 30 hour forecasts for various airports around the United States. Weather is something that I was always interested in which is why I pursued a career in it. I've come to ADISC mainly to...