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    Are you diaper trained?

    Took me a bit of time but I am at this point also.
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    Your real life age

    Actually not everyone's profile has their age showing.
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    Your real life age

    I often get asked "How old are you?" when I am chatting on line with others in to this so it had me wondering how old every one is. By the way I am 40
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    Anyone like peeing their pants?

    Getting back to the OP........ I do this sometimes as a lead way to feeling little. Sometieme I pretend it is a accident other times I am just being a naughty girl. Then again I also like getting desperate to the point of wetting.
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    Snowed in :/

    Snow Day here too so I am using it as a diaper day. I might use the toilet then again maybe not.
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    Urge to pee

    I have had that feeling then a simple shift of my body and the flood lets loose.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    A wet one. sorry had to say it.
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    Loving the warmer weather

    . Seeing I'm female - which, according to her profile, the OP is too - I probably look more harmless than an adult guy doing it. I am female.
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    Loving the warmer weather

    Spent most the day outside making it look like I was a big girl but I was really just playing. Had a sports bottle that feels like a sippy to me, kept it refilled with kool aid all day. Made it look like I was working in the garden but was just really playing in the dirt. Took a walk and found a...
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    Potty Dance

    When playing little I will sometimes do the pee pee dance when I have to go Sometimes it is to help stop from wetting but I will do it sometimes when I only have to pee a bit. Last time I was in a pull up and did the dance I peed and I didn't think I hadto go that bad. Wondering if the dance is...
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    Question more for the ABDLs

    Where is the funniest/weirdest place you have wet or used a diaper? I keep thinking back to a time that I went out shopping and was in a pull up. I had a "accident" in it while "trying" to make it to the mall potty. It has got me thinking about other ABDLs and where they have done stuff in their...
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    having fun today.

    Lol Hopefully there are no carpets
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    having fun today.

    Adding a few new things to my game. I will pretend that some one is taking care of me and ask if I have to go potty. My answer is always no unless I am desperate or already wetting. Also going and sitting on the potty at random times even right after a accident.
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    "You're due for a change"

    my guess would be 1 or 2 depending on the need. :laugh:
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    having fun today.

    Today I am playing little. Right at the age of being potty trained. Thing is I am not really trying to make it to the potty. I will get up to go and then get side tracked. Stop to color or look a cool thing. When I do actually try for the potty I am wetting already. Good thing they make grown up...
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    Wet the bed last night.

    I do some times diaper for the night. When I do that I wet in my sleep never waking. When in a pull up I wake (sometimes) before peeing and if I sleep threw starting to pee I wake when I am peeing. If I go to bed in panties I stay dry the whole night and will wake with just a strong need to go...
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    Wet the bed last night.

    I decided to wear a pull up last night to bed. I didn't pee before falling asleep so this morning my pull up was wet and I was desperate to go more. I just rolled over and fell back asleep (how I don't know usually can't sleep when I have to go that bad) I was soaked when I woke a little bit...
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    Just wet my pullup while talking to neighbor

    I think I went threw it all. Fear, that I would leak. Relief, I peed. And giggly, I had just pee peed and he didn't know.
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    Just wet my pullup while talking to neighbor

    It is my day off and I decided that it would be fun to be in a pull up today. No toilet unless I have to poop. Well it just stopped snowing here so I pulled on some jeans and go shovel. I was just finishing up and was close to needing a change when my neighbor got stuck trying to get out of his...