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    Put myself in a bit of a dilemma

    This weekend I am relocating my apartment because it of noisy neighbors making it hard to live in. My parents only insist on helping me move out. I am only 23 so having my parents help me move out is not the odd thing. I have roughly 80 diapers on hand. The problem is I have no where to...
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    Mary Jane socks

    Yeah they are the ones that look like the shoes but just sock kind :P I'll take a peek at target. Thanks. :)
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    Mary Jane socks

    I have been trying to find mary jane style socks but many of the stores (in the U.S.) do not carry them. Has anybody been able to find them?
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    Ok to store diapers in suitcase

    Ok, thank you!
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    Ok to store diapers in suitcase

    I have to temporarily store diapers in a suitcase for the next few days. Is it ok to store diapers in a suitcase? I am worried about the tapes not being as sticky.
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    Footed Pajamas in between sizes

    I was looking to getting another footed sleeper but I fall in between size medium and small. Would it be optimal to go the size larger?
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    Pajama Ideas at stores (Target, Walmart etc)

    I was wondering what are some cute pajama ideas that you can get at a local store instead of ordering online. I am still rather small and can fit in kids extra things. But what are some cute clothes to potential get at stores? What have you found a stores?
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    Is it possible to be an adult baby without a caregiver?

    I have been an adult baby for roughly a year and had online mommys that have come and gone. I just got out of a long relationship with one of them and currently I am not looking for one. I guess my question is, can one be an adult baby without having a caregiver? If you do not have a...
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    Mod Large Diaper to Make them Smaller

    Is there a way to mod larger to diapers to make them fit smaller me better. The reason why I ask this is because I was at goodwill the other day and saw tranquility atns briefs and they were xl and my waist is 28 inches. I wanted to get them but I of course knew they would be too big. So...
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    Bambino from Amazon?

    As anymore ever ordered Bambinos from Amazon? I want to do so because I do not want to pay an extra $5 on a prepaid card and with ordering from Amazon you do not have to do so.
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    I got caught...but in a good way?

    They are hidden in a draw in my room and closet. No guests go in my room.
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    I got caught...but in a good way?

    That's what I am thinking.
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    I got caught...but in a good way?

    So yesterday I got caught by my twin brother. My twin brother is my best friend and we tell each other everything but I could never have the guts to tell him about diapers. He confronted me during dinner and said "I know what you have in your room. I really do not care. Whatever makes you...
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    Good Everyday Diaper

    I plan on trying the 24/7 diaper thing for a little bit and want to see how it goes and feels. Only problem is I cannot seem to find a good everyday diaper. I have read on the other forums that many use Molicare or Abena but I'm still in college and don't really have the cash right now...
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    Added Absorbency

    I'm looking to add more absorbency to my diapers. I know the best brands and boosters are online but I was wondering are they any gems at local pharmacies that I can use. I am debating going to a local pharmacy (not national chain) that has Tena diapers and getting those and using them as...
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    Bambino out of stock

    "We expect to begin shipping Bambino diapers featuring our newly redesigned core in the period following the July Fourth holiday. Stay tuned for further updates!" From Bambino's website.
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    Can Anyone Identify this Diaper?

    It might be medline brand as well. I had something similar to that.
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    Embracing the LG side

    I have been looking into different kinds of mini skirts and mary jane shoes. Where do you buy them cheap?
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    Embracing the LG side

    I have been into the AB side for a little while, but recently my thoughts and AB side has been becoming more interested in the so could "sissy" or LG side. I told my mommy about it today and she was very accepting about. But I come here to ask for tips and ways for me to embrace this side...
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    Should I tell him?

    My brother and I are fraternal twins but we like the same things. It would be interesting and weird if he was hiding the same thing from me.