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    NorthShore Supreme Lite Colors Are In-Stock!

    have you thought about doing a light blue or baby blue color
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    Another adult baby on tv

    We tv has a show called extreme love. The thumbnail picture for the show is this [img][/image]
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    Dont you hate winter?

    i would rather wear diapers in winter than in the hot summer
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    Adults fitting into baby diapers

    Have you tried adult diapers?
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    Will there ever be a decent adult pull up with prints?

    I don't care too much about prints i just want an adult pull up that has more padding up the front and back and a small waist band like real pullups
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    Favorite diaper designs (OLD or NEW)

    best diaper design was the Pampers baby dry from the late 90's with the bear print. the ones that looked like abu super dry kids
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    Bigger diapers for kids, why a petition?

    These adults who start these petitions need to just give up and start wearing products designed for Adult and leave the baby diapers for babies. Even young kids who need diapers for medical reasons don't wear baby diapers.
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    Bigger diapers for kids, why a petition?

    Some people want diapers that are marketed to kids that will fit them. I read posts here from adults that would rather wear a baby diaper that barely fits than and adult diaper that would give better protection. i would just bet that if some company made an adult pull-up that looks and feels...
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    Live Action Rugrats Movie
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    peeing games when you were little

    Just don't pee on the electric fence
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    Good everyday diaper?

    northshore light. its just the right size for daytime use and good absorbency
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    So scared they wet their pants?

    I am sure you have heard of the jokes about people being so scared they wet or pooped there pants. do you know any one who ever did this? I don't know any one who did this.
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    Adult goodnites?

    northshore are nothing more than granny panties. i want a pull up that has a small waistband like the pullups for kids
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    RIP R. Lee Ermey

    Barbra is from Texas and you know who comes from Texas steers and queers Ha Ha
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    Adult goodnites?

    i heard it has to do with the plates used to make the adult pullups. i really wish some one would make an adult pullup that has more padding up the front and back
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    Will adult diapers ever be obsolete?

    Also don't forget there will always be people who are mentally handicapped and need diapers
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    Who has the best onesies/diapersuit

    i think the babykins ones are the best
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    What's your "Primary" Diaper?

    Northshore light. it is not to thick or too thin. it is the perfect diaper to wear day and night.
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    NorthShore Supreme Lite + recommendations?

    they do give out samples. the lite ones are my go to diaper
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    Doctor where?

    I really wish they would show it on TV