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    A+D Vs. Desitin or Better?

    What's the best butt cream out there? ~Rob
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    I need your help with a decision.

    I want to buy this but I need to know just how good NorthShore Supreme Briefs are? And what they are on par with? Sent from my 6045O using Tapatalk
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    The Lava Challenge

    Attention fellow AB's & Little's this new challenge The Lava Challenge is "The floor is lava". That fun game from when we were small! Is now popular for adults. So we got a free pass to be little in public!
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    How do I find munches

    Just curious to go to one in NJ Sent from my 6045O using Tapatalk
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    Mandela Effect

    If you haven't already heard of it look it up. But full warning when you start ya can't stop. So what do you remember that is key, like for instants Do you remember? The Bernstein Bears or The Bernstain Bears? Or how about Star Wars which line is correct "Luke, I am your Father " or "No, I am...
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    The wife is gone for 3 weeks soo...

    I'm going twenty four seven I started on the 14th and so far I love it I'm using ABU Little Paws & ABU Space and I've gone through 6-7😨 Sent from my 6045O using Tapatalk
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    What are you up to today!

    I'm watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! πŸ¦πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š Sent from my 6045O using Tapatalk
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    Abu lavender.

    It says feminine design does that mean appearance or cut? Cause I want some but I'm a boy not a girl!? Sent from my 6045O using Tapatalk
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    Looking for YouTuber's

    Hi everyone *waves* I'm looking for AB/DL YouTuber's My YouTube is seriously lacking in the AB/DL department. 😝 Sent from my 6045O using Tapatalk
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    ABU Mix case

    I just got The ABUniverse 80 Mix case with The Baby πŸ‘Ά Fresh Scent! 😁 I got The ABU Space πŸš€ and The ABU Little Paws 🐾 I haven't tried them before but I heard great things about them!!!😁
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    The best way for a true fit

    Hey πŸ™‹ everyone Robby here. I'm trying to find out what's the best way to find a "true" fit for plastic pants πŸ‘–!? Should I do measurements with a dry diaper or when I'm at the point of leaking? I just don't know! All the help will be soo much to mee 😊. Thanks to all who helped or posted. ❀
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    So how good are the New ABU Diapers

    I want to get The ABU Space πŸš€ and ABU Little Pawz 🐾. Here's the deal, I need to know how they hold up πŸ‘† and if the are on par with Bambino Bellissimos or Comfidry 24/7 cause I'm use to their quality and the way I go... =^_^= it's a must. Thank you for your help and advice πŸ˜ƒ
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    I want to try out cloth diapers

    I want to try out cloth diapers. But I don't know 😞 anything about them like what's good or what's bad πŸ™… . Which one is the best, which one to stay away from. And how to do folds? I don't know 😞 anything any help would be great 😊
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    I need really good plastic pants

    I need a pair of plastic pants that are thick, strong πŸ’ͺ, last, and covers the diaper perfectly with some room for sleeping
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    Good jeans πŸ‘– to wear with Diapers

    Hey πŸ™‹ everyone I am struggling to find good jeans πŸ‘– to wear with my Diapers. Without Diapers on, I'm a 32" waist. I don't want a Diaper weggie ether or too much of a saggy Diaper butt can anyone help me find the right πŸ‘‰ jeans πŸ‘– like what brands work best (Btw I'm a Dude)
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    Baby πŸ‘Ά wipes container

    Well I'm still undecided on wipes mostly because I love Pampers Baby πŸ‘Ά Fresh scent but Huggies one and done sounds more practical ....back to the main reason why I am posting after I decided what ones to get I need something to hold them in and money πŸ’΅ is not a problem 😊 I want a good one 😊 so...
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    Baby πŸ‘Ά wipes

    I want to get baby wipes so I don't always have to jump into the shower. Not saying that I would never shower or be dirty but its just that I would like to be able to use some wipes when I'm too tired 😫 to jump in so what one are the best 😊 any help would be very helpful
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    I need p!nk diapers

    Hey πŸ™‹ every one I really need to get some pink Diapers badly 😣 and they got to be at a minimum as absorbent as Bambino Teddy's
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    I got an question?

    What would the affects of stool softener n what would be the affects of prolonged use.
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    ABU Cushies Vs. Bambino Teddy's

    Which 1 is better are they the same as far as absorbency go's or close I want 2 get the Cushies 4 my at home diaper and Comfidry 24/7 4 at work o and is Comfidry 24/7 the same or better then Bambino Bellisimo