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  1. Tylexon

    YAY! New Paci!

    Yes it has holes in. They are meant to be for putting some little bits of fruit in so you get a little juice while having a paci. (have yet to try it for that function though)
  2. Tylexon

    YAY! New Paci!

    I got a new paci!! YAY!!!! I was randomly looking on eBay and came across it... just couldn't pass it up :) It feels bigger than my NUK but not by much.
  3. Tylexon

    Cuddlz onesies?

    I didn't go for extra long mine was the normal length.
  4. Tylexon

    Cuddlz onesies?

    I found the one I ordered from them was a perfect fit, I did measure myself before and I was closer to the edge of M so I got a L and it was perfect, it does have some stretch if you happen to have a big diaper on :) I also ordered a what they call "Blue Adult Onesie All In One Footless...
  5. Tylexon

    YOUR Stash!

    I don't actually have a stash... I don't really buy a lot of them and when I do I tend to use them quick and then go a while without... then just buy a small amount again... At the moment though I actually have a single Cuddlz All Over Printed left...
  6. Tylexon

    Computer games for little time.

    I mostly have more violent games at the moment, not something I want to play as a little. Minecraft sounds like a good choice, not played ARK but I have seen it so I will look again at that. Simple planes is fun :D I have played that before. never played any of the Age of Empires games, I...
  7. Tylexon

    Computer games for little time.

    Was wondering if people have certain computer games they play when they go "little" I'm trying to get more into being little and I like gaming.. so I thought why not mix them... I don't mind if the game is console, handheld or PC... please recommend anything that would be good for a little to...
  8. Tylexon

    Help Request Discord Server

    I never saw it to be able to close it... I dont keep history/cache/cookies etc so nothing to clear... Thanks for the link :)
  9. Tylexon

    Help Request Discord Server

    No, no banner..
  10. Tylexon

    Affect Music has..

    I guess it must depend on the type of music then, I don't seem to ever have that happen for me, I do tend to listen to more heavy music not sure if that has that affect.
  11. Tylexon

    Affect Music has..

    Does anyone else have this issue where a single song can just make a perfect mood into like total sadness and just spoil a whole day :frown: A few songs have a real meaning to me and can cause this, but I'm finding more and more songs seem to be having this affect on me..
  12. Tylexon

    Help Request Discord Server

    I noticed a question about the new discord server.. but I can't actually find it... I did search and didn't give any result that helped... Could someone point me in the right direction please.
  13. Tylexon


    Hey all, I was sure I saw a minecraft server here one time... has it disappeared ?! or was I just seeing things :sweatdrop:
  14. Tylexon

    Bug Report IRC is unhappy

    It was happening quite frequent 4days ago for me, but seems fine since that little "glitch"
  15. Tylexon

    Use for a G4 Power Mac?

    Would be ok as a fileserver but I already have one doing that job, so far I'm thinking of just playing about with OSX and some video editing as I found my old DV camcorder.
  16. Tylexon

    Recommend PS Vita games.

    Just had a look at some review of it on youtube, never heard of it but I will give it a go :) thanks!
  17. Tylexon

    My new pacifiers!

    OOOOoooo nice, I have been looking at some new ones, just can't decide on the style :|
  18. Tylexon

    AB Milestones

    Purchased Diapers online Wet diaper Full night sleep wearing Purchased clothing (instore/online) Purchased pacifier Slept all night with pacifier Purchased bottle Used bottle Binge cycle Purge cycle Diaper rash Wearing outside the bedroom
  19. Tylexon

    Hello everybody

    Hello and welcome!
  20. Tylexon

    Goodnites Working Better!

    Wish I could wear them but I would need to shrink some to be able to fit in them