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  1. redbottomboy

    You still in your night diapers in the morning?

    on weekends I only wear T-shirts and diapers with plastic pants up at 6 and change them around 10 just before they start to leak love it
  2. redbottomboy


    I work in Windsor if want to meet for coffee or sometime
  3. redbottomboy

    Comment by 'redbottomboy' in media '20190720_190043[1].jpg'

    I love white plastic pants
  4. redbottomboy

    Hello from Windsor ON

    I work in Windsor and love to me others
  5. redbottomboy

    Swimming with diapers...

    love going in my pool with cloth diapers and plastic pant I love the feel of them getting out of the pool with them so wet
  6. redbottomboy

    Plastic Pants

    I use plastic pants all the time even over disposable
  7. redbottomboy

    Disposable or cloth diaper?

    Cloth diapers and plastic pant cloth diaper from Changing Times Diaper Company are the best
  8. plastic pants

    plastic pants

    cloth diapers and plastic pants
  9. redbottomboy

    How old are you?

    57 and still in diapers
  10. redbottomboy

    Babies in Ohio?

    I am 30 miles west of Toledo a bit far north for you
  11. redbottomboy

    How many times have you thrown out all your stuff just to start another collection?

    3 times over the last 30 years but never again I am here to stay
  12. redbottomboy

    how many diapers do you go through a day?

    I use double cloth diaper and plastic pants 3 a day
  13. redbottomboy

    How old are you?

    57 and still love wearing diapers and plastic pants
  14. redbottomboy

    Anyone here into cars?

    stock car racing and a lot of time I work on it just in diapers in the shop
  15. redbottomboy

    Prefolds or contours ???

    Changing times prefold and booster will last a long time that all I wear so soft
  16. redbottomboy

    Where You Potty Trained Too Early?

    age 3 for me
  17. redbottomboy

    diaper depot in florida

    I love to go to a store like this - - - Updated - - - I have been to the rearz in Canada so cool
  18. redbottomboy

    Back to diapers

    I love cloth diapers - - - Updated - - - and wear when I can
  19. redbottomboy

    Who hates swearing?

    I not do swear
  20. redbottomboy

    Cloth diapers, where to get?

    Changing Times Diaper Co is the best