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    Best place to buy a NUK 5

    Pacifiers R Us Was where I got my Nuk 5. I love that company. Though it's a bit expensive, you are paying for customization, novelty, and amazing customer service and shipment. 2 days after ordering my package was delivered. It even came with a free diaper inside! If I ever consider getting...
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    The best?

    Luvs Size 6 are my personal favorite. I grew up wearing that brand, as well as Pampers, so I guess I kind of have a nostalgic attachment to Luvs. I totally miss the plastic-backed Barney ones. :(
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    What if...

    I'd bet that another company would have come out with it anyway - there was an obvious demand. Though I've always preferred P&G stuff over KC, the bedwetting diapers were a great idea for the kids in the transitioning stages out of diapers and in grade school.
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    Getting to the point of being able to pee easily in a diaper and routine things that cause the peeing urge sensation

    I definitely have noticed that when I wear and think about it, I have to go a lot more often. It's become a common response that I'm certainly okay with ^^ Still occasionally have trouble wetting, but if I'm alone and relaxed, I'm good.
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    YOUR Stash!

    1 pack of Bambino Bellissimo unopened, and 3 ABU Super Dry Kids left. Waiting on my shipment of 20 to come in to restock this week! :3 I keep them in my storage closet in my dorm. It makes the closet smell all powdery and good when I open it! X3 Oh! And, about 10ish Huggies Overnites sz 6 in...
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    how comfortable are you guys when it comes to buying adult diapers?

    Online is a breeze, that's what I've always done. However, I've only purchased baby and kid-bedwetting diapers in a store. I think it would be a lot more difficult for me to purchase adult diapers in a store, and I don't have a complete reason why. Call me crazy, but the lack of bright colors...
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    Walking a fine line

    It has to do with your perspective, really. I've come to see that the more I accept myself, my interests, who I am as a whole, I realize it's just a part of me - weird or not. I try to be courteous and not openly "flaunt" it, since many would find it strange... but if someone found out, my life...