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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Up in a wet and messy NorthShore MegaMax purple, medium diaper. Soo nice:giggle:
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    Does anyone else like to have sex while wearing diaper?

    Having sex as an expression of our love for each other is the most emotionally and physically intimate experience humans can enjoy...add a mutual affiliation for diapers and the experience is intoxicating with the trust level and intimacy increased exponentially.
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    Who like sitting around in a warm wet squishy diaper that's soaked to the max?

    I love all the emotional and physical sensations of sitting around in a very wet diaper and even a messy diaper. The bulge, the squish, the naughtiness just helps to melt away stress. Currently responding to this thread in a very wet and messy MegaMax Tye Dyed diaper.
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    Messing my diaper on purpose

    So sorry. There is of course a distinct difference between those of us who mess on purpose for enjoyment and those who cannot voluntarily control their bowels. I wonder if there might be a support group for bowel incontinence in your area. Perhaps you can check with your physician. I know there...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I am up very early this morning, 2:46 am because I have a lot to writing, and other things. But to start the day off right I am up in a wet Tena Ultima diaper that I wore to bed...oops, update, it is now also messy.
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    Tie dye Megamax

    Agree, same for me. Tye Dye MegaMax is the only diaper I wear in size Small.
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    Messy diaper play

    I am not sure that I "play" with my messy diaper. After I mess my diaper I simply like to go about my usual activities enjoying my poopy diaper for 2-4 hours, usually more around 2 hours, and occasionally at the upper end 4 hours before I change. Currently enjoying a messy Rearz Lil' Monsters...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    NorthShore MegaMax small Tye Dyed diaper this morning; wet and messy as is my usual morning. These diapers are so attractive, it's just a shame to mess them...oh well that is what they are for.
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    Tena Slip Maxi Review

    Tena Active Fit Maxi plastic back diapers are a good daytime diaper for discretion. Even better; however is the more absorbent Ultima that is still discreet for daytime, and depending on wetting volume, also good at night.
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    Double diaper

    I don't double diaper, seems like a waste of a diaper to me. If and when I want more absorbency and bulk I use a variety of absorbent diaper inserts. Lately I have used cloth baby diapers as an insert which works quite well plus I actually like the feeling of being wet that is provided by the...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Up this morning in a wet and messy Abena M4 diaper. Hope it doesn't snow anymore, tired of cleaning my driveway...but never get tired of cleaning up after a messy diaper!! My prayers for those in Texas.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Just got back from running a few errands wearing a very wet NorthShore Lite purple diaper with cloth baby diaper as a soaker insert. Kind of a nice wet feeling with the cloth baby diaper insert.
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    Should I be embarrassed?...

    Unless absolutely conspicuous with very bulky diapers under thin material and tight pants, no one will notice at all. Your "public diaper anxiety" is normal when first wearing diapers in public. I wear diapers to work in a professional setting with business casual dress. I wet during the day...
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    Messing my diaper on purpose

    Wetting and messing my diaper is one of the simple, enjoyable, and free experiences of life. I like to enjoy my poopy diaper for several hours before I change. Cleaning up is not at all onerous for me, I have it perfected and can change and be nice and clean and fresh in a matter of minutes. Wet...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Up this morning in a wet and now messy Rearz Little Monsters. Fortunately this morning I do not have to out and use my snow blower like I had to the last two days.
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    Thick or thin diapers

    Lately I have experimented with thicker, more absorbent diapers at work. I have tried NorthShore (NS) MegaMax and Supremes and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to wear and wet them with discretion. NS Lites were one of my "go to" daytime diapers, but now that I have successfully tried...
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    Anyone have the problem saying the word " diaper "

    As a DL, I like the word "diaper." Incontinent Pants, Protective Pants are too "clinical."
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    Feels like the right thing to do?

    SCI= Spinal Cord Injury
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    Dinner out embarrassment

    Even if people saw your diaper, which I doubt, better to see a diaper than wet pants.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    A very wet and messy Rearz Lil Bella for this morning. Woke up quite wet, no leaks, and messed my diaper 5 minutes after I got up.