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  1. SomethingNotTooDark

    Abdls on tumblr

    Tumblr has some weirdos. So does EP. Difference is, tumblr allows pics... :-P
  2. SomethingNotTooDark

    How to wet the bed?

  3. SomethingNotTooDark

    Diapered in Public?

    Yeah, once or twice. It's a cool feeling, lest you run into any acquaintances. which of course happened to me :-P
  4. SomethingNotTooDark

    Playing with your diaper >.<

    I do it all the time as well ^^
  5. SomethingNotTooDark

    sissy names

    Ouch, that must have been bad... Sorry you had such little luck...
  6. SomethingNotTooDark

    Fellow dA artists, I need help

    Reported, and I love how that idiot deletes all accusatilns from his comments. Yeah, cause the admins at DA won't be able to see it... :-p EPO1 - He said 'I didn´t steal it, I just edited it'. Sounds like he know where it comes from though you do have a point...
  7. SomethingNotTooDark

    What does that mean?

    That hard-to-translate thing is even more true in latin languages because english is said to rephrase the phrases backward. I.E. in latin languages, or at least I'll speak in behalf of mine, you would normally say : he is not a man nice, whilst in english it just sounds wrong, as it's said: He...
  8. SomethingNotTooDark

    Super power question.

    To turn my DLism on and off. Life would be so much easier...
  9. SomethingNotTooDark

    Being honest to a complete stranger

    Well, working at such a store, it must be old news for her anyway :D
  10. SomethingNotTooDark

    Brazil 2014 Football World Cup

    No offense friend, but if Portugal was in any kind of a shape, which it hasn't been lately, the US would've been left biting the dust. Seriously, Portugal has been playing at half of what it usually does :(
  11. SomethingNotTooDark

    Nappies going missing

    The waiting is almost unbearable.
  12. SomethingNotTooDark

    Can things we don't think are real exist?

    Ooh, my philosphy classes in 10th grade all over again. Back then, we learned that one of the theses that stated God existed was defended by the author's belief that we can't make things up. If we think of a divine entity, if we have it in our heads, it exists. Otherwise we wouldn't be thinking...
  13. SomethingNotTooDark

    Resent Hospital stay

    Glad to hear you're ok, and that you had such great people taking care of you :D Have a fast recovery :)
  14. SomethingNotTooDark

    Australian Drynites

    Oh, I had tried this link and from what I could see in the package they looked the same ^^
  15. SomethingNotTooDark

    meeting new people and making friends?

    Ok, I'm sorry, but if you're not meeting people, it's your own fault (I said, in a peaceful, not aggressive tone :D). Meeting people is usally easy, you just need to have the balls to do it. And getting hammered helps. Here are some easy ones if you're not one for socializing: Gym (it makes you...
  16. SomethingNotTooDark

    Fulfilling a fantasy

    Ok, this may sound stupid, but have you though of one of those pole windbreakers that are long enough for you to be surrounded by a circle? Then, just set a parasol up and whatever, I doubt anyone will see you, just try to go to one of those emptier-than-normal beaches, just to play it safe :D
  17. SomethingNotTooDark

    What position did you lay in when bed wetting?

    I think that when I was little, I wet the bed in whatever position I was in, I'm not picky :D
  18. SomethingNotTooDark

    Repressed memories

    I remember something (not diaper related) from when I was 1. It happens.
  19. SomethingNotTooDark

    Can anyone help identify these buildings in Manhattan?

    I doubt anyone will be able to answer, but you should try yahoo, in the architecture section.