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  1. SomethingNotTooDark


    Can someone please explain to me what's with booster pads? I don't know much about them. Can you just use them with boxer briefs? Can you go nr. 2 in them or just the obvious? I'm confused, sorry for the trouble :sweatdrop:
  2. SomethingNotTooDark

    Okay, so creative hiding places anyone?

    So, we have all heard the tales of unsuspecting parents finding ABDL things due to poor hiding places (and yes, I do mean suitcases and drawers), so I was wondering about your hiding places? I like the really creative ones. For example, you know those IKEA bookcases that have a fake board on the...
  3. SomethingNotTooDark

    Funny thing :D

    Ok, so not sure if this belongs in this forum, but I was watching Call Me Fitz the other night (great show, btw :biggrin: ) and bumped into a very AB moment... Just thought it would be a fun thing to share :D Link's here if you want it, the actual AB segment is around 14/15 mins in...
  4. SomethingNotTooDark

    How long can you actually stay in a dirty diaper?

    Imagine one messes his/her diaper. How long can he/she stay in that diaper until it starts being harmful (rashes, infections, etc.)?
  5. SomethingNotTooDark

    Soooo... Tena Slip Plus?

    I just bought them, and I have to admit it's the first 'real' diaper I wear since I was a toddler (Drynites don't count) and I don't like them much... First, diapers aren't as fit to me as pull ups because I live with my mom. If I put a pull up on and she gets home I can take it off and wear it...
  6. SomethingNotTooDark

    Fun diapers or serious diapers?

    Just wondering, do you guys prefer diapers with babyish designs or diapers with an adult style? Why?
  7. SomethingNotTooDark

    Anyone from Iberian Peninsule (Spain/Portugal)?

    Just curious if there's anyone from Spain or Portugal... :biggrin:
  8. SomethingNotTooDark

    Sorry, this must have been asked a thousand times, but Tena Slips?

    I bet this has been asked a thousand times, but haven't seen it around... How do Tena Slips behave? Are they any good? How many a pack? Thanks for the answers in advance :D
  9. SomethingNotTooDark

    Feeling un...something...

    I'm sorry, I know it's stupid and sorry if this thread's been done, but I just feel kind of emasculated or maybe not such a stud (sorry again, not trying to be cocky) when wearing... This ever happen to you?
  10. SomethingNotTooDark

    Any DL's from Europe?

    Just wondering if any DL's come from Spain Portugal or France specifically? Not looking for country names, just curious about the yes or no's, as most DL's in this site seem to be American...
  11. SomethingNotTooDark

    Why do goodnites get so much hate?

    I mean, where I live, they're called drynites, and I don't know if there's any difference between DN and GN but people say they don't hold #2's and they don't hold more than a mild wetting, but they've worked pretty well for me and take a fair amount of urine... So what gives?
  12. SomethingNotTooDark


    So first of all, pardon my ignorance, I'm not an AB, just curious about something. Are your pacifiers baby pacifiers or are they made for adults? Just wondering... And do you or don't you like baby pacifiers? Why?
  13. SomethingNotTooDark


    So I was wondering, I've never used wipes. Till now, whenever I go #2 I take a shower. But if I'm going back to another diaper, maybe I should use baby wipes, but, do they really work well? Is it more or less of a pain than a shower? How is it doable if I can't see my... hummm... backside? Help...
  14. SomethingNotTooDark

    Goodnites or store brand?

    Soooo... Basically, I want to know if I should use store brand over goodnites::biggrin: I mean, everyone says goodnites aren't good, but is a store brand better?
  15. SomethingNotTooDark


    So, I have to admit, before I started buying diapers, I couldn't get them nor afford them, so I usually grabbed one pair of boxers or underpants, went to the bathtub and used them, etc :sweatdrop:. What I was wondering, the first time you used anything after being potty trained, was it a...
  16. SomethingNotTooDark

    Girl Diapers

    So first off, I'm not in any way gay, sissy or anything like that (Not that there's anything wrong with it). And I don't find girl diapers cuter either. But the first time I bought diapers I must have been thirteen (of course I had already messed my underpants on purpose in the bathroom...
  17. SomethingNotTooDark

    New here...

    Hello everyone, I just thought I'd do what the nice little message box said and introduce myself... So I like anything a normal person would like, I guess, unless you consider my liking for Dubstep, for instance, as a sign of my abnormality :P I paint graffiti and like exercising... I think...