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    Diaper endurance, yo

    I'm relatively new to wearing diapers. I was wondering whether any ABDL veterans have spent a remarkably long time in a diaper? Why am I asking? You know. Research... reasons... What is the longest amount of time you've spent in a diaper, without changing, for the fun of it?
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    Fave ABDL Art/Artists?

    As an ABDL doodler myself I was wondering what people thought of ABDL art on sites like DeviantArt. Do you guys have any fave ABDL artists? Are there any pieces of ABDL art that you keep coming back to? Are YOU an ABDL artist yourself? Answer me, Goddammit. <3 In other news here's my dA...
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    Omorashi Japanese word meaning "to wet oneself". A paraphilia involving urinating on oneself but also arousal brought on by having a full bladder, by causing someone to develop a full bladder, or by witnessing someone with a full bladder "relieve" themselves. - Urban dictionary. Opinions...
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    Xmas Gifts

    What was your fave gift received from past Christmases? (Christmasi?) Mine would be my PS2 or my BMX. Both were lovely xD
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    The Best of Online Poetry?

    I always struggle to find GOOD poetry online... Wanna provide me with some? Post some of your fave pieces of poetry - maybe you can even share your own! :smile1:
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    Hi! New and stuff

    My lovely friend Lukethefur has just advised me to join up! I hope to meet some cool people here. Possibly you! You're probably cool. Maybe. Probably. A few things about me... 18 year old guy from the UK (south-west). Been distantly curious of the abdl community for about 3 years. Only...