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  1. J

    Hi. Saw your friend request

    Hi. Saw your friend request
  2. J

    dreams leading to bed wetting

    Same here. I'll have a dream sometimes, not all the time, when I wet the bed. In the dream I usually either wet my pants or the bed. If its peeing my pants I am usually in a situation where I cannot get to a bathroom or a place to pee and end up having an accident in my clothes. I kinda...
  3. J

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    AE boxers, not a diaper I know but I'm a bedwetter so no need for protection during the day.
  4. J

    Tighty Whities/Briefs

    I do not relate to the regressing part since I am not into that, just a bedwetter here. But when I see white briefs I think of elementary school and how those were the underwearz my mom would get me. Usually Hanes, Fruit the Loom or JCPenny boys briefs. I always had extra pairs cause of my...
  5. J

    Do you use Mattress protectors?

    As a bedwetter I keep a waterproof cover on my bed. I only pee my bed a few times a month now and do not wear protection for it to a plastic protector is a must. Growing up I would be afraid my friends would hear the crinkle if the plastic when they sat in my bed. None ever said anything...
  6. J

    Bedwetting cures

    sorry I don't have any info for you. I'm 25 and still pee my bed a few times a month but use to wet the bed a lot more growing up. Dr. visits, walking, limiting fluids, bedwetting alarms in my underwear, pills…LOL we tried it all and nothing ever worked as a cure. Closest was the bedwetting...
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    How you been?

    How you been?
  8. J

    Hey man you got PM status yet?

    Hey man you got PM status yet?
  9. J

    Who knows about your bedwetting

    Just my moms know that I am still peein my bed sometimes. Growing up my cuzo and aunt knew cause he was a bedwetter too. But he got luckily and stopped like around 8th grade.
  10. J

    Adult bedwetting

    Sure man. I hit you up in a PM wit my email.
  11. J

    Adult bedwetting

    Hi, 24 here and still dealing with bedwetting. Hit me back if you want.
  12. J

    Embarrassing story when I bought Circo Sleeper from Target

    It was more of a comment than a question that I one time got buying Goodnites. I was at CVS and checkout dude was like early 20's. I only had a pack of boys L/XLG Goodnites to buy and put them on the counter. The bar code wasn't scanning right off and as dude fumbled with the pack trying to get...
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    Hey man can you post to chat yet?

    Hey man can you post to chat yet?
  14. J

    Where do you think the stigma comes from?

    As a bedwetter the stigma for me was the shame of not having control over that sort of my body at night. And since I felt it was a stigma I am sure others feel the same way. My cuzo was a bedwetter too until he was like 14. We both knew about our bedwetting and joked about it with each other...
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    I'm not incontinent but I do pee the bed. I've been a bedwetter my whole life. Growing up it happened a lot. Now it is just a few times a month.
  16. J

    What do you call them?

    Wow didn't know there were so many different names used.
  17. J

    Should I move to adult diapers?

    I've been wearing for years Goodnites and they are close to perfect for my needs: discreet, very comfortable, easy to pull down and up when I go to the toilet However, as I'm now 25, isn't that weird to still wear Goodnites? Mickael, Well I'm 24 and still wear GoodNites for my bedwetting...
  18. J

    What do you call them?

    So I was just replying to Kodey's intro and something struck me. Most people here use the word Diapers when referring to their protection. Me I call it protection. What got me wondering was is there a difference in what we call our diapers/protection based on our likes, desires or needs for...
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    Hi Kodey, like you I am not a AB or DL. I still have a bedwetting problem with it happening a few times a month. I don't wear protection except for Goidnites when I am sleeping away from my place. I never thought I'd join an AB/DL group but I found our here its really kool. People are just...
  20. J

    craziest place/time wearing diapers.. yours?

    Well when I was growing up the strangest place or situation was coming home on the train and bus in a wet Goodnites from a sleep over. My friends didn't know I was a bedwetter still and I would put Goodnites on just before going to bed. Usually I'd take them off first thing in the morning as...