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  1. teddybear24

    First Order Memories

    Well i ordered my first diapers online the other day from AB Universe. I got the plastic backed Cushies. They are set arrive next tuesday i Can't wait but i am kinda nervous because they are being sent to a college mail room for me to pick up when they arrive. I hope the baby fresh scent isnt...
  2. teddybear24

    Diapered and ready for the weekend

    I am diapered and getting ready for a 2 hr car ride home who else is diapered and ready for there week end?
  3. teddybear24

    Tax return

    what are you going to do with the money you get back from the government? I am going to buy my first case of diapers online :eek:
  4. teddybear24


    I had an idea today my gf and i have been dating for 3 years and i recently reawakened my diaper fetish and i told her she was ok with it but was like hmm. So i was thinking today what i could do to get her involved without pressuring her in to a 'Mommy' role and it hit me she likes soft Core...
  5. teddybear24


    I am very new to this world in being involved and even knowing about it so if there is any tips anybody wants to share i am all ears Hehe:paci::giggles:
  6. teddybear24

    Very new to this

    Well i am very new to this whole abdl world. I remember being younger like 12-13 and having a great urge to where diapers i thought i was crazy so i just pushed the urges down but i ran across a tumblr page about 3 or 4 weeks back and the urges came back so i bought a package of Goodnights from...