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  1. Puffs

    just seen in the train

    o.O damn my heart would be through the roof
  2. Puffs

    Wetting the diaper for the first time

    Uhm if i remember right i was just standing up just closing my eyes and trying to relax while i felt the diaper filling up :3 didnt really take that long because i had held back for a while
  3. Puffs

    New diaper record!

    Damn o.O thats alot
  4. Puffs

    Starbound ABDL Mod?

    This may have been posted before i don't know but im posting it ^-^ i came over this ABDL mod for Starbound today and its awesome Link to the mod: i dont take any credit for anything! i just...
  5. Puffs

    Hello Kitty Themed Diaper Tape

    oh i would love to have a roll of that tape to make my diapers look fab ^-^
  6. Puffs

    Just a little something

    i love YCH's but the problem is they are always so expensive xD cause people love to bid on those
  7. Puffs

    ABDL Factory?

    yeah its pretty expensive and especially if u live in a country where they tax if the price of the product is over a set amount...
  8. Puffs

    ABDL Factory?

    Its awesome, i ordered it a long time ago, lots of different diapers to try ^-^ its like buying a candy pack with random candy in it
  9. Puffs

    ABDL Factory?

    i have ordered from ABDL factory before and it took forever before they sent it :/
  10. Puffs

    Not trying to advertise something, but...

    o,o they look nice, but wonder if i could fit a diaper under it EDIT: apperantly u can so i might be ordering a pair of those ^//^
  11. Puffs

    aww so cute

    Well i think they are kinda nice :3 atleast i love wearing them cause of the design and stuff and they do hold a good amount of liquids so im guessing they are pretty good
  12. Puffs

    Diaper crinkling sound addictive

    i love the crinkle noise from diapers ^-^
  13. Puffs


    Oh, well i learn something new everyday :3 and i have no idea if you would fit em but drynites? those look underwear'ish?
  14. Puffs


    So maybe im asking stupid but what is ur "SO;"?
  15. Puffs

    At work

    Well if its bathroom stalls im guessing someone could have come inside and he/she didnt wanna get busted with it?
  16. Puffs

    At work

    Maybe someone is IC and had accidents? or Maybe there is abdl ninja that had to get out of there and didn't have time to throw it away? :dunno:
  17. Puffs

    Absorbancy plus?

    i have been wanting to try them cause they seem pretty thick but they seem pretty good from what i have read/heard ^-^
  18. Puffs

    i think im ready to say it... im a sissy!

    They are nice ^-^ maybe not for heavy wetting but they can hold a good amount
  19. Puffs

    Diaperball Z

    xD im not sure what i just watched, kinda confused
  20. Puffs

    i think im ready to say it... im a sissy!

    it does, like im not fully sure about like full sissy outfit but i wouldnt mind wearing a frilly pink diaper cover or something too, but yeah would probably be when im alone or just around my GF