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  1. FireFanatic

    Deconstructed My First MAMs!

    I will have to remember that for future paci mods. Will be awhile though my back can't handle doing something like that right now so I try to refrain from being on the floor much
  2. FireFanatic

    Deconstructed My First MAMs!

    Yay! Another Stanley lover. That has by far always been one of my favorite cartoons. Ya the MAMs can be a real pain to take apart without ruining them but I think it was an even bigger pain trying to snap the buttons back on lol. The Nuk 5s however I don't think I could have pried apart and...
  3. FireFanatic

    nuk 5 binks

    Its through Fetware. I just bought two and modified them with a MAM guard and button :)
  4. FireFanatic

    Deconstructed My First MAMs!

    Not easy at all. I had read someone else's post that said use a screwdriver and somebody suggested a hair dryer. Well this little doesn't own any tools aside from a pair of needle nose pliers. I heated them up real well (2-3 times) with my hair dryer and than gripped the button with my teeth...
  5. FireFanatic

    Deconstructed My First MAMs!

    So proud of myself right now. I took apart my first set of MAMs. I bought 2 regular Nuk 5s to attempt modifying them on my own. I already had a MAM that I love and bought another set for $6 to take apart and use. So essentially doing it myself I am saving about $15-$20 on two of them. They...
  6. FireFanatic

    Jessika's New Life

    Read straight through the first one and this one now. Can't wait for the next chapter. Very good story and an interesting read
  7. FireFanatic

    Summer Nurse

    I absolutely love this story and found myself completely engrossed in it the last two hours, just laying here with my paci and my new plush tiger reading and giggling away. Keep up the good work I can't wait to read the next chapter :)
  8. FireFanatic

    Bathing with a dummy

    I love showering with mine. Never had a problem with water getting in it. Super relaxing to me. Now that i live by myself again I can have it whenever I want :)
  9. FireFanatic

    Your little's name?

    My little is Kiko kind of similar to my real name but a bit off too and it works well for me :P
  10. FireFanatic

    Do you feel more Little when you're sick?

    I definitely tend to regress more when I am sick. The worse I feel the more I just want to be held and cuddled and stay in little space. Obviously I can't completely do that living alone and all but it can be difficult when I am really under the weather.
  11. FireFanatic

    ABDL Pacifier

    Those are nice (I got one as a christmas gift) but definitely won't fulfill a paci need. At least in my experience. Those are more for mashed foods such as bananas or watermelon that you like to suck on. That's what those little holes are for and i have never seen them for more than $5 they...
  12. FireFanatic

    Out of Hiding Once Again :P

    I know I have been fairly inactive for quite some time but I is back :D. Things got pretty crazy around here after moving, I got very sick in August and than sick again in October resulting in being hospitalized and having a spinal tap ICKY. That was no funs at all! Than in November broke...
  13. FireFanatic

    Strollers/high chairs/car seats for the AB

    Don't know if or when I would be able to and obviously much more research is needed on my part but I always thought it would neat and probably as close to a car seat as my big butt could get would be to get a racing seat and put it in the back of my van with a 5 point harness for it. That looks...
  14. FireFanatic

    Sippy Cups

    I always think its funny cause I don't tend to like Nuk products. I said I would never evers own a Nuk sippy but I was sooo wrong. I didn't like the nuby one I had it leaked something awful and the tommy tippee's were expensive and getting harder to find so I finally broke down and bought a...
  15. FireFanatic

    Finished A Night to Remember

    wow That was amazing. I really hope I get to see more from you. You are an absolutely amazing writer and once you catch my attention I just have to keep reading until there is more left to read.
  16. FireFanatic

    Finished The Ryan and Dorie Story

    What an amazing story. I wish I could have gone on and on reading forever. I didn't want it to end. :) Great job
  17. FireFanatic

    Finished The Ryan and Dorie Story

    wow as always I was totally lost in the story while reading. So excited for the final chapter but not ashamed to admit that I will be sad that its over. This story was amazing and you dear are a fantastic writer
  18. FireFanatic

    Home made toddler bed!

    My cousin had a racecar bed growing up that fit a twin sized mattress :)
  19. FireFanatic

    Question for dog owners from a dog newbie.

    Totally just being a dog lol. Dachshunds also typically dont let anyone pet their tummies because it makes them vulnerable. Letting you scratch their tummies is a sign of complete and total trust. The leg twitching thats kind of their way of saying hey your tickling me! But alot of them...
  20. FireFanatic

    New Haul For Me Today

    Well lately things have been crazy busy around here trying to pack for he move in two weeks. Been completely exhausted alot of the time. Got to go out shopping today and picked myself up some goodies. Got myself 2 new pacis. Both Nuk 18-36 Months. They are ok. Love the size of the nipple...