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  1. FireFanatic

    Deconstructed My First MAMs!

    So proud of myself right now. I took apart my first set of MAMs. I bought 2 regular Nuk 5s to attempt modifying them on my own. I already had a MAM that I love and bought another set for $6 to take apart and use. So essentially doing it myself I am saving about $15-$20 on two of them. They...
  2. FireFanatic

    Out of Hiding Once Again :P

    I know I have been fairly inactive for quite some time but I is back :D. Things got pretty crazy around here after moving, I got very sick in August and than sick again in October resulting in being hospitalized and having a spinal tap ICKY. That was no funs at all! Than in November broke...
  3. FireFanatic

    New Haul For Me Today

    Well lately things have been crazy busy around here trying to pack for he move in two weeks. Been completely exhausted alot of the time. Got to go out shopping today and picked myself up some goodies. Got myself 2 new pacis. Both Nuk 18-36 Months. They are ok. Love the size of the nipple...
  4. FireFanatic

    The Me That Is FireFanatic :)

    I am a baby girl new to the AB/DL world. Even as a child (if I remember right 4 or 5) I was still drinking out of a bottle and eating baby food when I could get away with it. I never really stopped sucking my thumb when really stressed. It was never something I fully understood and am...