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  1. Tylexon

    YAY! New Paci!

    I got a new paci!! YAY!!!! I was randomly looking on eBay and came across it... just couldn't pass it up :) It feels bigger than my NUK but not by much.
  2. Tylexon

    Computer games for little time.

    Was wondering if people have certain computer games they play when they go "little" I'm trying to get more into being little and I like gaming.. so I thought why not mix them... I don't mind if the game is console, handheld or PC... please recommend anything that would be good for a little to...
  3. Tylexon

    Affect Music has..

    Does anyone else have this issue where a single song can just make a perfect mood into like total sadness and just spoil a whole day :frown: A few songs have a real meaning to me and can cause this, but I'm finding more and more songs seem to be having this affect on me..
  4. Tylexon

    Help Request Discord Server

    I noticed a question about the new discord server.. but I can't actually find it... I did search and didn't give any result that helped... Could someone point me in the right direction please.
  5. Tylexon


    Hey all, I was sure I saw a minecraft server here one time... has it disappeared ?! or was I just seeing things :sweatdrop:
  6. Tylexon

    Training Pants.

    Can anyone recommend some nice training pants, I have seen a couple online but no one seems to write many reviews... Currently I'm looking at these:
  7. Tylexon

    Recommend PS Vita games.

    Hi all. I got a PS Vita and so far I have used it like 5 times in the past 6months maybe.. I was wondering if anyone had some good games to recommend for me ? I got Little big planet and Final Fantasy X, then a few little mini games.
  8. Tylexon

    Use for a G4 Power Mac?

    A while ago I got two G4 Power Mac's off of eBay for a really really cheap price, I thought it would be stupid to not get them. Now though, it is stupid as I have two and nothing for them to do... Anyone got any idea what I could use them for ? They are ok spec for a mac I think. Power Mac...
  9. Tylexon


    Well.... Seem's I have an account here for a little while but never got around to posting anything. So um Hi! Not much to say about me really, I'm a little/teen diaper fur, at the moment I'm a grey bunny that just wants to get along in this big world. Anyone want to know anything about me...