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  1. Bby

    ABU Preschool with Hook and Loop tapes

    I absolutely love the ABU cloth backed preschool diapers, they are absorbent enough for my needs and remind me of modern day baby diapers, that being said I would love to see the cloth backed preschools with hook and loop tapes for greater usability and authenticity. Dose anyone else wish ABU...
  2. Bby

    Washing powder with the most babyish scent

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for washing powder with the most babyish scent, ideally available in the UK.
  3. Bby

    [email protected] diapers

    Has anyone seen the [email protected] diapers being shown off on tumblr, they look so close to really baby diapers. Anyone have any opinions.
  4. Bby

    Prefold cloth diaper help

    Hi All, I have just ordered a nightweight prefold from Rearz to add to my cloth collection, can any of you recommend any folds to try? I will be using size 2 snappi’s rather than pins. Thanks for the help.
  5. Bby

    Vintage Pampers Babydry

    I have just purchased some vintage pampers babydry diapers, I want to open the packet to try / see them, will opening the packet and removing a few make them worthless?
  6. Bby

    Should ABU design and sell cloth diapers

    As mentioned in other threads recently I feel the community could benefit from a well designed cloth diaper. Let’s post what we would like so ABU can see what the community is looking for and if we are lucky we might get a comment from ABU Dose anyone know how to tag them so they can see...
  7. Bby

    New SuperUndies *ThreadedArmor*

    Has anyone seen the newly released Superundies for Adults called ThreadedArmor? The look much better than the old ones with internal leg gussets to help stop leaks, looks like they might finally be a modern baby cloth diaper for adults. I have ordered a pair however they might take a while to...
  8. Bby

    ID’s Comfy Junior

    Has any one seen the new ID Comfy Junior pants? They look like direct competition to Huggies Drynites 8-15.
  9. Bby

    Adult Super Undies new products

    I just received a email from super undies asking for people to join their ambassador program, they specifically mentioned ABDL's and asked for our help with designing future products. Wow seems we are having a bigger impact every day. Email content below. Super Undies Brand Ambassador...
  10. Bby

    Adult silicone pacifier uk

    Hi, all I have tried latex adult sized pacifiers before and really didn't get on with them, I am looking to try a silicone type one. Dose anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced silicone adult pacifier in the UK, as I don't want to spend huge amount only to find I don't like it...
  11. Bby

    Pampers baby dry size 7 in the uk

    Hi all I just thought I would share some exciting news with you all, pampers baby dry is now available in size 7 in the U.K.:) - - - Updated - - -
  12. Bby

    Petition for larger nappies to be made and stocked in UK supermarkets

    Hi all I found this on the internet this morning I've signed up for it as I think it would help a lot of people including us...
  13. Bby

    Help silicone nuk 5

    Hi I know this has been brought up before but not for years I'm looking at getting a new pacifier I already have a nuk 5 but cannot stand the latex. Can anyone help me find a silicone nuk 5 preferably in the uk Thanks for any help
  14. Bby

    UK Store brand bed wetting pull ups

    So now that asda have released there own version of drynites ( little angles bed time pants ) do we think other supermarkets will follow ?? I hope they do
  15. Bby

    All AB's and DL's in the UK

    Hi everyone I was looking through the Asda website this morning to see if they had any deals on drynites when I came across these Has anyone tried them I assume there new...
  16. Bby

    Drynites UK 2015

    Hi Have any of my fellow UK DL's who like me love drynites Noticed anything diffrent recently ?? I say this because we are all waiting for the goodnites 25% strechier sides to arrive and I yesterday opened a new packet of drynites from my local store to find they pulled on a lot easier and...
  17. Bby

    Snuggies diapers size medium

    Hi everyone I'm wondering if any one has a couple of snuggies diapers in size medium spare that they wouldn't mind putting on eBay for me As I really want to try some but don't want to buy a pack of 10 yet I was hoping a fellow ab/dl may help me Thanks in advance
  18. Bby

    Diaper lovers in the UK

    Hi was just wondering what fellow UK DL's are into at the moment Getting a little bored of waiting for the drynites to get the streachier sides and want to try somthing new Opinions on what I should try ?
  19. Bby

    Cloth backed diaper with elastic waist

    Hi everyone I'm sure this has proberly been asked before but Anyway I'm looking for a cloth backed diaper / nappy with elastic waist and or leg cuffs I have recently tryed my first adult diaper but since I'm used to drynites I can't help but miss the snug waist that elastic gives Any advice...
  20. Bby

    Pjama new product

    Has anyone ever heard of these pjama washable products Was thinking of getting some but wanted to see if anyone has tried them yet ???