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    Question about a certain video game system

    The video game system that I am talking about is the xbox 360 I want too know if there is anyone on here that has one and xbox live? P.S. If anyone wants mine gamer tag, and that won't give me bad rep. I will give them my gamer tag only if they ask me nicely that is when I will give my gamer...
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    hey everyone I found out something (and not im not gay)

    My one friend that is a 20 year old girl, and she has a bf in the state of Florida, she told me she has a medical problem with her mouth once and awhile at night she grinds her teeth, and she also told me when her mom was so kind to her in her time of need, aka the time when my friend Hollie...
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    My close call!

    well to let everyone know that one day ago I went down stairs to see if I can't find a old towel, but it was no luck I couldn't find one. Then when I was cleaning up the mess I made I stumbled onto my or one of my brother's old onesie. I took it up stairs luckily it was at night time so every...
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    to any furry out there question for you

    how did you start to become a furry? And how can I?
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    Where are the best hiding places for diapers

    Where are the best hiding places inside a house to hide adult diapers? Because I tried to think of some places but I keep on getting blanks.
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    question to help me eased the hint to my mom

    how do i wet my pants for my way to overprotective mother would not flip out when me and her go to buy diapers how should I approached this whole thing???:blushie::cryhankie::otkspanking::(:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
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    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone and I join a couple of months ago an I forgot to introduce myself my name is Greg I'm a ab/dl :diapered: