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    Another adult baby on tv

    We tv has a show called extreme love. The thumbnail picture for the show is this [img][/image]
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    Live Action Rugrats Movie
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    So scared they wet their pants?

    I am sure you have heard of the jokes about people being so scared they wet or pooped there pants. do you know any one who ever did this? I don't know any one who did this.
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    Who sells the best footed pj's

    what online company sells the best quality pj's ?
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    Any one sell plastic pants with pockets

    when I was a kid my mother had these plastic pants for babies with pockets. They had a pocket close to the waist band and you inserted a pre fold cloth or disposable diaper then there was no need to pins. I have searched for an adult version but never found anything. I am surprised no companies...
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    Any of you watch F is for family

    It is an adult animated tv show on netflix about a father raising a family in the 70's. There is an older brother who smokes pot and is flunking out of school there is also a kid who is about 4 or 5 that walks around wearing plastic pants. I have only seen a few episodes so far and i am going to...
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    How good are the sdk diapers

    How this question is about the absorbency of the new super dry kids. are they as good as the plastic abena m2 or north shore light ?
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    Are there any good adult wipes tubs

    I have noticed that most adult wipes come in disposable none plastic containers. Do you know of any good quality plastic tubs for adult wipes ?
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    Can any of you wear a diaper in public with out being scared

    When I wear in public or around my friends and family I wear them just like regular underwear. I don't wear special clothes, I don't wear baggy pants and I don't wear shorts/boxers over my diapers. I wear them just like I would underwear. Of course I don't wear a really thick diaper like dry...
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    Temporary conditions for needing diapers

    I was just reading the recent posts about someone finding out that one of the members here wears diapers and it got me to thinking. Do you know of any temporary medical conditions besides bed wetting that would require someone to need diapers
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    Question about the Northshore pullon underwear

    any of you know why they cant add more padding up the front and back ? if you are reading this northshore Adam maybe you can explain it.
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    Northshore light vs Wellness Superio

    This question is for throes of you who have tried both of these diapers. Which one do you prefer and why ?
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    How many times do you wet before you change

    like do you change after your first, second or third?
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    Any of you ever tried .barebumdiapers
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    Are cheaper diapers better than the expensive ones

    If some one has to or wants to wear diapers 24/7 do you think it's better to wear an expensive diaper like the wellness that only needs to be changed every 8 hours or a cheaper diaper like the secure plus that needs to be changed after the first or second wetting. Which do you think Is the...
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    Any one tried the baby kins diaper pins

    babykins sells some diaper pins that are bigger than baby pins. Any of you tried them ? Would it be better to use regular baby pins or these larger ones?
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    Any of you try the new ABU diapers

    I contacted abu a while back and was told they would be increasing the absorbency in there diapers. I checked the web site and it looks like they have done it. Any of you tried them ? Is it a lot more absorbent ?
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    What conpanies make peva pants

    Do you know of any companies that make plastic pants with peva material
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    Have you tryed the Northshore care pullups

    I was just wondering if any of yoiu have tryed the northshore care adult pullups? what do you think of them ?
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    Are there any good quality cloth backed diapers

    I know most ad/dl's don't like them but have you tryed any good quality cloth backed disposable diapers? I tryed a few myself but they leaked because of the Cloth backing.