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  1. MrSun

    Smaller Pull-up

    I've never bought diapers in person and I don't know what to look for when I'm in the store. I'm looking for a pull-ups that fit. I'm thinking about kids pull-ups because they'll be cheaper. It's mostly for comfort sleeping. I live in the US and have a 27 inch waist. Are there any characters or...
  2. MrSun

    Two days without The Ulimate wager

    Day 0 7:34 AM "Lucy. Mark let the toilet seat up again!" I yelled from the bathroom. "What? Mark did you?" I heard the older woman's voiced. "I don't know, maybe?" said a distraught male. I giggled at what came afterward. "It's true.Doesn't he need corrective action," I said. "Lucy, it's...
  3. MrSun

    Alternate Diaper aspirations to 24/7

    A lot of people talk about going 24/7 but that's never been a goal of mine. Personally, I have thought about quitting the toilet when it's comes to messing, as oddly specific as that is. I've also considered just going nightly. There are even alternate styles of 24/7 which often goes...
  4. MrSun

    Messy Diaper to Fresh Diaper

    I just realized I've never actually change from a diaper straight into another diaper. Usually, I only change when the wetting capacity has been reached and It's more of the wettness that makes me want to be out of diapers. I'm planning on doing my first consective change into a fresh from...
  5. MrSun

    Big Messing without Spillage

    ** Warning: This thread could have some disturbing details, but it's not supposed to be detailed for the sake of it.* I've been very fortunate with never having a messing getting out of hand and I was wondering just how much I could get away with and still have it securely in my diaper. Others...
  6. MrSun

    Messing in bed(on purpose)

    How many of you can mess in bed well? I've been able to do it a couple of times. I heard that a lot of people can't mess there diapers except while squatting or sitting. Standing and lying comfortably in bed has been my favorite positions.
  7. MrSun

    Suggestion Waist/Hip Size

    I think it would be very convenient to have waist/hip sizes in the side of the posts, right benighted the thread and post counts. Waist size comes up so often by asking and mentioning it. There would be a lot fewer post spent on that alone. There could also be diaper sizes listed automatically...
  8. MrSun

    Forcing Involuntary Messing

    I am planning on getting back into diapers again. As a self-bonus, I want to accidentally soil my diaper by choosing not to go elsewhere. Has anyone else tried this? I'm going to hold it in before get a chance to get into diapers. I have plastic bags, a barrier, and soon a supply of really...
  9. MrSun

    White Ears _ DF story

    Reposting because this was deleted. I always knew I would be eaten, but I've never expected to wait so long in suspense. Felines have been known to play with their food, but I've haven't heard of any that take meals home. I made several attempts to escape, but the shock collar and leash made...
  10. MrSun

    Shy bladder in bed

    I wore diapers for the last couple of weekends, but I haven't achieved my goal of peeing in bed, yet I've been able to do it at any other time, even walking. I've even manage to lie on the floor, and I flood no problem. At one point I was even feeling pain the kidneys trying to pee in bed. I...
  11. MrSun

    New Touhou Group

    Calling all touhou fans. We've recently made a fan group, There are only three of us who found each other by chance mostly. Please join. We can discuss character, games, music, or anything you might find of interest.
  12. MrSun


    I think it's odd that furry art tend to always completely furs up the character. Is there a subculture of furries that keep some human characteristic like the face and torso while making the limbs, ear and tail furry? I've find a lot of furry art weirds me out to much, but I do appreciate the...
  13. MrSun

    Ordered my first Daipers

    I just order my first Diapers ever(in memory). It was Molicares from XPMedical. I was so ridiculously nervous about doing it. I hope they will arrive during the week and that I can enjoying them starting Friday night. Is 8:00 pm a good time to start wearing them if I plan on wearing through the...
  14. MrSun

    Help: Lost my thread

    I tried writing a story for adisc, but lost it all. As I was typing the story in the new thread page it continuously said that it was auto saving, but I accident hit back and lost a lot of work. can I still retrieve it? No, the "restore Auto-saved content" button isn't there.
  15. MrSun

    Just made an improvised diaper and flooded it suddenly.

    I suddenly got obsessed after reading diaper stuff. I got a bunch of rags and put them between two of my underwear, and stuff some tissue paper in to try to make it feel like a disposable(didn't work). I went to bed and tried peeing belly down but couldn't manage it, so I tried laying back...
  16. MrSun

    First time wetting in terms of pratically

    I was wondering about all the experience everyone had of first time wetting in diapers. It's easy to talk about you enjoyed it but this is about different variables. I want to use this knowledge in a useful way for when I try. Right now my current plan is to buy good nights, and wet then in...
  17. MrSun

    Can I borrow your weather machine?

    I haven't tried diapers but now that I have some privacy, I have an idea of what my first time should be like. I want to go to bed in them and be under the cover in with cold air around to contrast with the warmness of the bed. The problem is the weather is ridiculously hot, even at night with...
  18. MrSun


    Hi. I'm really, Really shy DL, but haven't tried them yet. Won't have any sort of privacy until May, if then. I am from the USA, and I'm in the military, so that interferes with things. I like indie games and also anime, though I haven't watch anime in a while.