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  1. Moaby

    AB Daycare in BC

    Hey everybody ive been wondering and searching for an AB daycare in BC Canada. Somewhere where people like us can meet and hang out freely and enjoy being who we want to be. I live near vancouver and im willing to travle even if its out of the way. But anyway let me know your thoughts i would...
  2. Moaby

    What do you do for Christmas?

    Hey everybody the holidays are coming up. I don't mean to be personal or anything but i was just wondering what everybody is going to be doing this fun and festive season from vacations to traditions. :hugpile:
  3. Moaby

    Thinking about geting diapers

    Hi everybody I'm not a big poster or anything but i was thinking about getting some diapers. I think i have a good place to hide them but i don't know which ones to get and if i can get more than one kind. Anyway in my city i can only find the Fitted Maximum Protection by Depends. Now they...
  4. Moaby

    Hows it going eh?

    hehe you have probably guesed im canadian if you havent well no worries. Im just posting here cause i cant seem to edit my settings and am trying to fix that anyway good day eh! (lol im exaderating my canadianness) if that is even a word lol:laugh: