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    Your Favourite Little Food

    Applesauce and banana
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    Anyone else like being bottle fed

    I love nap time and night night. It starts with a pamper change, then my ba ba followed by pacifier and rocking until I am asleep. I'm really tiny. 105 pounds so I actually get rocked. I feel so safe and loved and little 💜
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    Burden. Help!!😭

    I am seeing a therapist 3 times a week and a psychiatrist once a week. They have recommended the bottle feedings and I am actually needing the diapers right now
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    Burden. Help!!😭

    I am slowing recovering from anorexia and a suicide attempt. Because of severe malnutrition and everything I have trouble making it to the bathroom in time for pee pee. Also I am being bottle fed the formula stuff to try to restore my weight because I was in a very bad way and refused to drink...
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    Books + Diapers Giveaway! (Ends 05/10/17)

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    Advice regarding a friend

    I met this friend online who is also an adult baby. They were telling me that they suffer from severe depression and lately being little is the only way to cope. I understand this. They said that their pacifier really soothes them just like a baby...again totally get it. But then they told me...
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    Pacifier help!!!😭

    I have a small mouth for an adult but the size 18 to 36 month Nuk paci seems a bit small. So I ordered the adult pink one from little for big. Well it came today and it is just too big!!! Is there an in between?? If so what and where can I order it? Will it cost me more than the $14 with...
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    Netflix and hulu?

    Any good baby shows or cartoons for us on hulu or Netflix? I like cute. Not really into the new stuff. TIA👶
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    Finally found the right size paci!

    I just ordered my first adult pacifier from amazon. I have become attached to my paci. The ones I use now are just 18 to 36 months Nuk. So I am hoping that I adore this one even more!!!! I wish I could post pics but I only have my phone 😭Sad baby
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    Adult/Baby Food Dinner Tonight

    Yummy. This baby girl would be interested in a cook book!!! Great job!
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    diaper rash cream

    So I have been a wearer of diapers for years and knew I wanted to use them but just started recently and I love it. But that is not my point👶 Is there any diaper rash cream that works best and smells best and most babyish?? I have been using powder thus far and just wondering if I get cream can...
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    You know just sucking on my paci secure knowing if I have an accident my diaper will keep the mess contained and I am okay 😌 I feel safe. It feels good.
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    Are they AB accepting? Just wondering if I need to hide that part
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    On Facebook if you are in a closed private group (like an ABDL) I know that nobody can see posts and comments but can they see that you are in the group?? I know if you go looking on friends pages you can see likes and some groups. Thanks. Having a tough time. Laying here with the stuffies and...
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    Sleeping with a binky?

    I have a small mouth and the 18 months and up pacifiers fit perfectly for me. I use them to sleep at night and for naps. I would say that they stay put 75% of the time and always near. I also use them when feeling anxious, sad or a meltdown coming on. I really find them soothing😌💛
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    Is there anyone on here that has been breastfeed (no not as an infant, lol) but as a AB ?

    I was actually breastfed by one person for a two weeks. At that time I was going through something horrific and in such a depression. I had attempted suicide. Anyway it was my best friend and she had just had a baby who would not latch. She knew about my tendencies and while I was staying with...
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    pacified by pacifier?

    I may or may not have posted this before. I type and then delete so I don't know...sorry if it is repetitive. Why does a pacifier tend to really soothe me and stop a meltdown for me much like it does a real baby?? Am I the only one? I can be bawling and honestly feel really close to a complete...
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    What do you think of when you're in little space?

    I picture myself being held like the baby I am and being loved unconditionally.
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    What's Your Little Age?

    I am definitely a little baby. I get held and rocked a lot. I use a pacifier and I am definitely not potty trained. I get put down for 2 hour naps. I love my stuffed animals. I am pretty little. Under a year I guess. Maybe sometimes I am older. I will just go with little baby 👶I pretty much have...
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    one of the reasons why hate being a "grown up"

    Honestly it is embarrassing. I have borderline personality disorder and I tend to get really anxious and depressed. Too stressed out when I am expected to function like a big girl for too long. I will self destruct and cut. I have more true temper tantrums when I am in big girl mode than when I...