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    I’ve done it while biking around for errands and it can be fun. when I’m training the slight extra bulkiness can lead knees to angle out thus not tracking vertically. This poor form can lead to knee instability. short rides = yay intense rides = nay
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    Horrible first experience

    One tip is you should always try new diaper at home before going out in them. Every diaper is a little bit different so its best to figure out what the diaper is capable of at home before venturing outside. This will also help with anxiety.
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    Guess I never introduced myself

    Hey all, I’ve been a long time lurker but recently revealed my kink to my boyfriend and thought I should contribute to the community that I’ve learned so much from. I’ve been a DL for as long as I can remember and regularly wearing for the last 10 years+. Oh and my favorite two diapers are...
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    Mega max new colors

    Are these for the supremes and the mega max or just the mega max? I really like the tie dye one? It’ll match my tyr speedo ;-)
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    Seni diapers and pullups

    Yeah they’re great! I use the seni super and super plus most of the time then the Quattro if I’m gonna be out for a while or drinking. not sure why they don’t get that much attention since I think they might be the best cloth backed diapers on the market.
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    Finally told my boyfriend!

    Yeah well when we got together I told him I had some kinks but they were personal so it might take me some time to share with him. Well this am we were just hanging out and I told him that I was ready to share it with him. It’s really freeing now that he knows conceptually but I’m gonna...
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    Finally told my boyfriend!

    Long time lurker here but I’ve gotten a lot from reading y’all’s threads. After a lot of thinking and a couple weeks of internal debate I finally told him! It was super nerve wracking but when I finally told him he was like “oh ok. Cool” we talked a little bit about it more but it was entirely...